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Olexandr Pedan's sports movement JuniorZ

м. Київ, вул. Кудрі, 39, кв. 28

JuniorZ is the project of Olexandr Pedan to promote the development of sports among schoolchildren and students. This is the only project that promotes and develops sports for teenagers. JuniorZ-2017 is aimed at attracting the younger generation to an active lifestyle and bringing up a new era of sports-active people.

The main activities of the Organization are:

1. conducting training, lectures, and seminars among schoolchildren, students, parents and pedagogical staff of schools and universities.
2. Construction of areas for outdoor activities.
3. Carrying out activities aimed at popularizing active lifestyles and getting acquainted with new sports.
4. Holding championships, competitions, etc.
5. Creation of school leagues and school movement for an active way of life.
6. The popularization of an active way of life through Mass Media (Internet, television, print media).
7. Encouraging the creation of favorable conditions for the development of sports and physical movement in schools, districts, cities.


Patients also need sport!

Kiev. Started 22.3.2019

Alexander Pedan, the leader of the Junior Sporting Movement, wants every child, even in the hospital, to have the opportunity to play sports. After all, there are children who are forced to stay in the hospital for years. Even sick children need physical activity. Petank is one of the few sports that can be played in various diseases. And that is very important on any surface. When playing petanque, all types of muscles are involved, he develops motor skills, coordination. 

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New physical education in native school

Kiev. Started 6.5.2019

My head teacher was a teacher of physical education. Ludmysha – so call her all the students, and the teachers call Lucie. Every day more than a tens years she falls in love with children in sports.

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JuniorZ. Pedan tuning schoo

Khmelnytskyi. Started 8.2.2018

Once upon a time in my childhood, several years in a row on the ICTV channel showed the games of the NBA (National Basketball Association of the United States). And despite the fact that all the guys played football and in schools mostly football was the number one sport, I fell in love with basketball. Maybe because then was the peak of Michael Jordan's career, or maybe because I could not hit the ball with my feet. I asked my parents to buy a basketball and threw it into the basket even in the evening under the light of the month. It's not fiction, I really stayed until night to work out throws to play cool with friends, because with the growth of 140 cm, flying, like Michael Jordan, is almost impossible.

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