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Ukrainian Red Cross Society

Київ, вул. Пушкінська 30,

Cooperation with the Fund is suspended.

Our activities are implemented in the following directions: medical and social support (preventing of HIV/AIDS and TB epidemics, programs on volunteer blood donorship), disaster response, dissemination of knowledge on IHL and Fundamental Principles of Red Cross and Red Crescent, organization and preparation of population for the first-aid dressing and ill-people care, tracing service activitiece (people lost in situations of armed conflicts or other emergencies), refugees residing in Ukraine support. Activities of the URCS geographically cover the whole territory of Ukraine.

Projects and programs on international activity.
We are now implementing more than 40 various projects and programs on the territory of the country. The core ones are as follows: Program on medical and social support for vulnerable population, International Chornobyl Program on humanitarian support and rehabilitation, Program on combating HIV/AIDS and TB epidemics, Program on dissemination of IHL and Fundamental Principles of Red Cross and Red Crescent, Harm reduction and preventing of HIV/AIDS spreading among consumers of injection drugs.

Our achievements:
Each year 3200 visiting nurses provide home-based care to about 350 thousand elderly and disabled people, bedridden patients; approximately 1,2 million clients receive in-kind and financial support annually; in remote communities distant from healthcare facilities 100 Red Cross medico-social centers and 359 medico-social rooms were established; 4 hospitals and 3 hospices, 14 outpatient and 3 inpatient wards for elderly people work under the banner of the Red Cross with support of local authorities; in the framework of the International Chernobyl program the Red Cross Mobile Diagnostic Laboratories annually examine 45 000 residents from areas affected by the accident; the program "Medical assistance to children of Ukraine with congenital heart disease and the promotion of infant cardiac surgery” is being implemented since 1990 in the city of Lviv under support of the Luxembourg Red Cross; 2,5 million UAH have been spent on purchasing modern equipment for Lviv Centre of Pediatric Cardiovascular Surgery; in case of emergency, the National Society has 27 regional storages and 390 city district storages (1201 thousand m 2), which are for 100% replenished; the Ukrainian Red Cross has provided assistance in tracing to 84 thousand citizens.

Contact information: The Ukrainian Red Cross Society (URCS)
30, Pushkinska St., 01004, Ukraine
Tel. (044) 235-01-57, fax: (044) 288-16-58, 235-10-96


Under the wing of Red Cross

Vinnitsa. Started 19.9.2012

Those, who have nobody to support of, are under Red Cross support. Nationwide there are Red Cross medical-social rooms where pensioners, disabled and disadvantaged people can get some help for free. All over the world Red Cross depends on donations to cary out its work. As a result, sometimes the most necessary is in lack…

Зроблено Funded 5 328 UAH
Still needed
000 000 000 UAH

In search of clean water: Kharkiv

Kharkiv. Started 18.5.2012

Colorful children grounds seem to be so funny and interesting, but for a child with disabilities, and that is sad, it is like unreal dream. The aim of our project is to build special playground for children from orphanage. There, children with disabilities could spend their time with fun, care and interest.

Зроблено Funded 5 000 UAH
Still needed
000 000 000 UAH

Loneliness as a verdict

Lviv. Started 27.1.2012

Society turned away, relatives forgot and the government reminds about them only before elections. They – are invalids of war and labor, combatants, families of the fallen. They receive minimal pensions without any additional sources of income. Red Cross helps such people. Red Cross employers buy medicines for poor people monthly. You may joint this noble program with the donation.

Зроблено Funded 30 000 UAH
Still needed
000 000 000 UAH