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Kherson CF "Zakhyst"

м. Херсон, вул. Комсомольська, 34

Areas of foundation activity – providing charitable assistance to social, educational, medical and cultural institutions, suffering from a lack of budget funding in solving those problems that pose a threat to human health and life, or violate human rights. Also, the organization helps the Ukrainian army and families of dead soldiers. The Foundation has huge grant activities in support of local initiatives of non-governmental organizations and civil initiative groups. Territorial coverage – Kherson region, Ukraine.


With the support of philanthropists, the Foundation implements quite resonant projects: installed a lifting platform for people with wheelchairs in the Kherson Regional Theater, with the help of which they overcome the staircase from the hall to the auditorium, and built a modern street ramp, making the theater accessible to all. It updated medical equipment in the regional Blood Service Center, ensuring the safety of donor blood and drugs from it, updated medical devices in the rehabilitation block of the maternity department of the regional hospital for the rescue of newborns. It replaced 268 old windows and 105 doors in two suburban rural schools, purchased hearing aids for 9 social children with hearing problems, spent two TV and radio marathons to help the Ukrainian army. The average budget of the foundation for the last two years is UAH 1.5 million.

The Foundation has experience in implementing projects supported by international donors: the European Union, the Government of Japan, UNDP Ukraine and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark, the Canadian Embassy, the OSCE, WINGS – The Global Fund for Community Foundations and others. UNDP Ukraine recognized Foundation Zakhyst as the leader of non-governmental organizations in the south of the country.


GT: Be My Eyes

Kherson region. Started 18.11.2019

Try to close your eyes right now and get into another room… It will be good for you if you do not meet with enemy adjusted interior items and at least get into the doorway… Among us, there are people for whom every exit from the house becomes such a quest. But thanks to modern smartphones, GPS navigation has become available for blind people as well. Know it well, that a smartphone is not only a device to take a selfie or make calls. People with visual impairments dream of doing their own daily business with the help of smartphones. 

Зроблено Funded 23 692.90 UAH
Still needed
000 000 000 UAH

Help those who will pass away before us

Kherson. Started 22.2.2016

“We can not add days to your life. But we can add life to your days!” – this is the slogan of the world's hospices. Hospice -is a hospital for sick people who leaves before us. They have a terrible verdict – irreversible progression of the disease.... We think that we’ll never be in their place, we’ll never live out our life sich and lonely, abandoned and forgotten.... May be it worth thinking today what can each of us do to their voice is heard.

Зроблено Funded 54 698 UAH
Still needed
000 000 000 UAH

To make donors' blood safe!

Kherson. Started 21.10.2015

Blood is a special link in the security of Ukraine. According to the statistics, every fourth person needs blood during the life. So what to say about the blood needed during the war? To help you understand, blood of the donors who give it to save someone's life, should be tested for infection – AIDS, syphilis, hepatitis C... These laboratory examination conducted by AIDS blood Center in Kherson that runs for over 25 years. But laboratory equipment morally and physically obsolete... Now there is an urgent need for acquiring metering and support of caring people!

Зроблено Funded 10 334 UAH
Still needed
000 000 000 UAH

I'm a child! I'm not a Down syndrome!

Kherson. Started 27.2.2015

Children with Down syndrome are called "sunny" children. They are special – dissimilar and at the same time like we are. They may not be able to do simple things, but like all children in the world, they want to grow, learn, rejoice holidays and gifts and want to be happy. Most of all these children need communication, because communication – that's life. And often their social circle merges on parents and relatives, their world – the walls of the apartment. Together we can create for them a rehabilitation room.

Зроблено Funded 27 490 UAH
Still needed
000 000 000 UAH

Warm the border guards-2

Kherson. Started 12.11.2014

Reliability of the southern border of the country is one of today's anxieties of Ukrainians. This anxiety isn't in vain: on the one hand – the flow of information about the increasing presence of troops and military equipment in the north of the Crimea, on the other hand – understanding that this boundary before the annexation of the peninsula of Ukraine didn't exist. The southern border is being built and being strengthen the first time. The hardest load is on Kherson border guards unit which also didn't exist. This explains the difficulties which can be solved with charity help.

Зроблено Funded 57 423 UAH
Still needed
000 000 000 UAH

Warm the border guards!

Kherson. Started 15.10.2014

After the annexation of Crimea KHERSON REGION BECAME THE SOUTHERN BOUNDARY OF UKRAINE! Therefore, in Kherson the Kherson border detachment was formed on a base of 300 Crimean border guards who have not betrayed Ukraine. During emergency relocation to Kherson region the border guards have left all in Crimea – private accommodations, household items, clothing and all the equipment of the unit. And while the state can't fully equip soldiers with winter clothing, we can do it!

Зроблено Funded 99 250 UAH
Still needed
000 000 000 UAH