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Kherson CF "Union"

м. Херсон, пр. Ушакова 62/35

Cooperation with the Fund is suspended.

The Foundation is actively working in the field of development and support of Hospice and Palliative Care. Our foundation defends the rights of patients to have decent care and treatment, volunteers in medical institutions,a facility that promotes the spirit of philanthropy in mass, and provides psychological and legal counseling to vulnerable populations.

The vision of our fund members:
We want to reach a world in which health and human rights are of supreme value.
We want to create society in which consequences of the negative phenomena from a drug addiction and HIV/AIDS are liquidated.

We aspire to be an embodiment of the harmonious atmosphere in a family. This is the basis for the creation of the conditions necessary for physical, intellectual, moral and social development of each person and the public as a whole.

Mailing address: 73026, Kherson, Ushakova Ave 62/35
Tel. (0552) 492817
Zhanna Ebert: +380994435411
Yuriy Antoshchuk: +380999428115


Life, not surviving

Kherson. Started 2.4.2012

Only one hospice in Kherson accepts people at the end-stage cancer, with difficult consequences of cerebral blood flow, heat diseases and insular diabetes.
That was a difficult winter for all the patients because of severe cold and drafts from the cracks of old windows. It is almost impossible to heat the rooms in such conditions. With the help of God and support of philanthropists we have changed most of window sashes. And we have to change only 10 of the rest!

Зроблено Funded 16 000 UAH
Still needed
000 000 000 UAH