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Charity Fund "Happy child"

The mission of the foundation is effective assistance to the most needy children of the Zaporozhye region. Every day, employees and volunteers of the foundation help save someone's life, fulfill someone's dream, or simply let a person know that they remember and care about him.




I want to sing along to the birds! 4

Berdiansk. Started 1.7.2020

Sasha was born in the summer. Apparently, that's why he got such a warm sunny smile and glowing eyes. This world has been helping Alexander Ostrovsky to be "his" among boys and girls of his hometown for 12 years. Sasha has cerebral palsy and sensorineural deafness. Every word has been givening to him with great difficulty. He is special, but such a favorite son and the best friend! A friend which is looking forward to telling the whole world how happy he is to be born! How happy he is to have so many good people around him! 

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Save the children from allergies!

Zaporizhia. Started 22.6.2020

Wonderful warm summer! How anxiously our children are waiting for it! For Zaporizhzhia region, the industrial and metallurgical centre of Ukraine, summer is also the time for unpleasant surprises – the detection of mass episodes of bronchial asthma among children, severe allergic rhinitis. Incidence rates in the region differ significantly from other regions of Ukraine, which are not subject to industrial pollution. Under such conditions, plant pollen acquires particularly aggressive properties.

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Captured by cerebral palsy

Zaporizhia. Started 19.6.2020

Aleksandra had no idea that a planned visit to the Women’s Care Clinic would end with an emergency Caesarean operation. Then, four years ago, the baby and mother were saved. But the consequences of premature birth gradually turned into a long list of diagnoses, the main of which is infantile cerebral palsy. Contrary to the peculiarities of development, Misha has enormous potential, and her mother has perseverance and faith in her son! For success, only one thing is missing: restoring a child costs a lot of money. 

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Medical equipment should work!

Zaporizhia. Started 26.5.2020

When a long hope baby is born, a mother is primarily concerned about his/her health of course. And only due to her observancy and pediatrician’s competence it is possible to timely determine deviations in the development of the child during the first days of his/her life. Especially if the life of a child with cystic fibrosis is put at risk. Although cystic fibrosis (mucoviscidosis) is the most common hereditary disease, it is not always diagnosed at an early age. 

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Help overcome the pain! 2

Kyiv. Started 22.5.2020

In 2014, after the treatment, which had lasted a year and a half, and 18 sessions of chemotherapy, parents of Dania Sirota, heard a terrible word “recurrence”. Shock, confusion and resentment. Just half a year has passed since the completion of the treatment. They have just returned to Zaporizhzhia hoping to get back to living like all normal families. This was the news, which threw all – parents, relatives and friends off balance. But not Dania. 

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How do birds sing?

Zaporizhia. Started 2.3.2020

The level of noise of a lifting-off helicopter is 110 decibels. That is how much one-year-old Timosha needs to hear this world. The boy has been diagnosed with the degree 4 congenital hearing loss; and in order to live in the world of sounds, he needs a sensitive hearing aid. Timosha must necessarily know his mother’s voice, bird songs and the murmur of the sea! While being in the endless silence, he cannot start talking, develop equally with his peers and easily understand the speech. Help Timosha hear life! 

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000 000 000 UAH

Olezhka, live!

Kharkiv. Started 18.2.2020

Untill he turned 8, the word “cancer” had been associated for him with an animal that lives in the river or the Cancer Constellation in the sky. But it turned out this word has one more meaning and can be very horrible. A year and a half ago the boy was diagnosed with “orbital rhabdomyosarcoma” – a rare and aggressive tumor. Olezhka bore with fortitude all the treatment stages –tumor removal, chemotherapy and radiation. But in four months – tumor recurrence, and the doctors’ words: “It is impossible to help you in Ukraine”. So Olezhka found himself in Istanbul. The three stages of treatment cost tens of thousands of dollars – unreal amounts for a little family, consisting of a mother and a son. Save Olezhka! Save the mother’s only son!

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I want to sing along to the birds! 3

Berdiansk. Started 29.1.2020

Sanka Ostrovsky, like many boys, has a lot of his innermost desires. Starting from modern models of cars, designers and picture books, to travel to distant lands. And, despite the fact that Sasha has cerebral palsy and bilateral relative deafness, he does not consider himself to be any special and confidently communicates with peers and friends. Almost confidently... For complete happiness, he lacks just learning to speak. To respond with the same sharp jokes to jokes of children, to discuss the last cool cartoon and in the morning say: "Good morning, mother!". 

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000 000 000 UAH

Don't stay in a silence world

Zaporizhia. Started 18.12.2019

Sad eyes, a serious in a not-childish way look and concern when mom is not within arm's reach are such a first impression of meeting Dania. He is only seven, and he hears almost nothing. He lives in his own special world, devoid of bright colors and multifaceted sounds, and therefore a little disturbing when there is no mother's hand nearby. Dania’s diagnosis was established recently, and to preserve hearing, he urgently needs hearing aids. 

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Dasha wants to breathe. 2

Zaporizhia. Started 29.11.2019

Everyone who meets Dasha involuntarily compares her with a small, energetic puppy. The baby has a lot of energy and positive. She loves animals and it seems that they all feel it, because they run to her from all sides. Dasha can’t sit still for a minute. As soon as she stops for a few moments, she immediately manages to do mischief, with the words: "I could not help myself, I was bored!". Parents are still happy for such activity because, for children with cystic fibrosis, movement is life. And for Dashuli, it’s doubly, since she has had a destructive Pseudomonas aeruginosa in her lungs for several years. 

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