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PO "Youth League of the Protection of Animals"

Cooperation with the Fund is suspended.


Youth League for the Protection of Animals - is a non-profit organization, carrying out its activity on the territory of Kiev and Kiev region. We are officially registered on March 6, 2006. Our activities are provided by the charitable donations of people who care about the fate of the homeless animals.

Our team - is enthusiastic volunteers who their free from family and work time is dedicated to save and help animals. We welcome every new person who decides to join us for any help, as we believe that only a strong and ideological team can make a difference for the better.

Our goals are:
- to solve a problem of stray animals humanely;
- to protect them and to fight against abuse;
- to create necessary conditions for a dignified coexistence of man and animal;
- to strengthen the moral and ethical standards and raising the cultural level of the individual in its relations with the outside world.


Cats’ house

Kyiv. Started 14.11.2012

The phrase "We are responsible for those who we have tamed" is in everyone's memory since childhood. Rare person with a sensitive heart can get past the hungry cat, and eventually the house turns into a shelter. The pathetic is blending us of thinking that every day you have to feed them, and give them our attention. So often not all of the saved animals can eat enough, have a bad health, often sick, have uncontrolled seeds - all of this cause lots of tensions with neighbors. Our project goal is to support the private shelters with food and search for new owners for animals.

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