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CF "Zaporuka"

03022, Київ, вул. Васильківська, 30

Zaporuka Foundation has been supporting since 2008 families of children with cancer hospitalized at the National Institute of Cancer, at the Pediatric Department of the Romodanov Institute of Neurosurgery and at the Department of Hematology and Intensive Chemotherapy of the Western Ukrainian Pediatric Specialized Medical Center in Lviv. Zaporuka has organized and continue funding psychological service for the patients of these hospitals as well as rehabilitation service and has opened the Center Dacha providing accommodation for children affected by cancer.,, 




Let’s build hope together!

Kiev. Стартував 31.7.2019

The construction industry unites for a good cause! On August 10th, on the occasion of the Builder’s Day, there will be a charity match between the Maestro Football Club and the Ukrainian Builders’ Team. The match aims to raise funds for the construction of the Dacha Center, a home for children with cancer and their families during the period of treatment at the National Cancer Institute. 

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Treatment again and again. 2

Kirovohrad region. Стартував 19.7.2019

For two years of his life, Radion had 14 surgeries. Last year, together we managed to save the boy, and he returned home. However, he could not return to normal life. Without a rehabilitation cycle Radion cannot move but his parents, unfortunately, do not have money to pay for the necessary procedure. Our help is the only chance for the child. 

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Save Victoria's leg! 2

Rivne region. Стартував 18.7.2019

Bone cancer... It happened 5 years ago. Vika and her mom at the hospital, Vika after surgery, Vika and crutches, Vika and uncertain steps, Vika’s exhausted face after rehabilitation session – that’s a chronology of the girl’s life which we now see in the picture smiling and happy in a traditional embroidered shirt. The disease remained in the past, and two years ago an artificial endoprosthesis was inserted on the site of the removed bone. 

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Let’s build new Dacha together!

Kiev. Стартував 23.5.2018

It is important for everyone to feel safe, to be able to hug their parents. Especially for children affected by cancer. They get this opportunity at the only center in Ukraine which is called Dacha. This is a unique center where children from all over Ukraine who had cancer or undergo treatment at the Cancer Institute are recovering and living with their families for free. And during the time of Dacha project implementation, we provided over 1 000 children with accommodation.

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Monobank/Kurazh Bazar, June

Kiev. Стартував 20.6.2019

Kurazh Bazar and Monobank to the rescue! In May, the companies launched a joint project where all interested banking users can share their cash back to save the world. New operating table for the Department of Brain Surgery of the Institute of Neurosurgery named after Romodanov? For seals it is easy! 

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Not to get sick again!

Odessa region. Стартував 12.6.2019

"I can construct a lot of things and can fix them. But myself I cannot fix…". 12-year-old Viacheslav paints well, carves wood with fret saw and even began to earn his first own money. But suddenly he had a terrible disease – meningitis. A year later there was again the same diagnosis. As it turned out, the reason was a defect of the skull bones. The hole serves as the gateway for any infection – and if it not operated as soon as possible, next time Viacheslav may not recover... But his parents’ resources are extremely limited and without our help, they won’t cope. 

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Dad’s dream

Rivne region. Стартував 5.6.2019

Sasha is a long-awaited son and dad’s dream. The boy was too big, so the childbirth was very risky for both the baby and the mother. After the birth Sasha had hemorrhage in the brain. And then everything went according to the standard – intensive care, medication, therapies. And it took more than a month. The doctors managed to save the boy but there was a complication of hydrocephalus. Now Sasha needs a surgery. And his parents need our help after long treatment. 

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Is the worst behind?

Cherkasy. Стартував 16.5.2019

Mom and dad were waiting for the birth of a long-awaited child. The family has created the best conditions for their little son’s development. But the disease has made its adjustments. Kyrylo is now three years old. The boy spent the whole year with his mom at the hospital fighting the tumor. And now, perhaps, the worst is behind. If the examination in Italy confirms the success of the treatment. Unfortunately, MIBG scanning is impossible in Ukraine because of the lack of necessary isotopes. The price of 15 000 UAH is not very high but not after a year of exhausting therapies. 

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Easter in the hospital

Kiev. Стартував 15.4.2019

Easter is a holiday of victory of good over evil. So, the kids who are now at the hospitals are fighting against the insidious disease for their lives. Treatment is not interrupted on holidays, and not everyone can go home. Traditionally, each family prepares an Easter basket and a delicious table. One cannot do it in the hospital, and the families have other issues to take care of. However, it would be great to create an atmosphere of a bright holiday in each patient’s room for these days! 

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Жизнь на день рождения

Kiev region. Стартував 11.4.2019

Just a week ago Vika was going out dancing, attending courses, planning her birthday party and just dreaming about the future. And now the girl is in intensive care, and the doctors are fighting for her life. Vika has a brain tumor that has caused a stroke. Surgery needs to be performed but firstly the effects of hemorrhage have to be removed. The parents cannot afford to buy all the necessary medicines and medical supplies, so they beg for help. 

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