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National Scout Organization "Plast"

Plast's coat of arms is Scouting’s Fleur-de-lis - flower of the lily - inseparably interlaced with Ukrainian coat of arms Trident (“Tryzub”). To reach its educational goals, Plast uses own unique education method. Its basic principles include free-will membership, education and learning through game and work, gradual system of studies and trials, self-governing in a circle, encouragement of initiative and self-management, perception of the nature and living in the nature, support of special interests and talents of children and youth. 

Unlike most scouting organizations in the world where membership is limited by the age of 25 years, membership in Plast is lifelong. Conventionally membership falls into four Age groups: Cub Scouts (age 6-12), Rover Scouts (12-18), Older Plast members (18-35) and Senior Plast members (those turned 35). All educational and administrative work in Plast is performed by Older and Senior Plast members solely on a volunteer basis.

Plast in Ukraine unites about 10.000 members of different ages and by that is the biggest scouting organization in Ukraine. Today about 130 local councils are present in all 24 Ukraine’s administrative units and in Autonomous Republic of Crimea. Plast actively cooperates with state authorities and other public organizations implementing various social and educational programs.

During the year Plast in Ukraine conducts more than 100 educational outdoor camps with different specializations: sporting, marine, aeronautical, arts, skiing, alpinist, archaeological, horse-riding, ecological, etc. At these camps Plast members master their knowledge and practical skills obtained during the year at weekly studies. Among the biggest events carried out by Plast on all-Ukrainian level are: intellectual-art competition “Orlykiada”, creative festival “Den Plastuna”, sporting event “Spartakiada”, distribution of Light of Peace from Bethlehem among local communities, touristic contests “Stezhkamy herojiv” and “Osinniy reyd”. On a local level, Plast councils conduct lots of social-cultural and educational events.

Besides Ukraine, Plast also officially exists in eight states, namely: Australia, Argentina, Canada, Germany, Poland, Slovakia, the United Kingdom and the United States. Plast organizations from all nine states are united into world-wide Conference of Ukrainian Plast Organizations, headed by Plast Head (known as "Nachalniy Plastun").


School for young elite

Ternopol'. Started 23.4.2013

There is a Ukrainian Scouting Organization - "Plast." It deals with training, education and recreation for children and youth by following best Scout traditions. Ternopil scouts launched a project of alternative education for best of its members and active young people "School of young elite." But as the project is very young and is not commercial, it requires the charitable support.

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A quality vacation for children!

Kyiv. Started 29.3.2013

Each year the Ukrainian scout organization "Plast" organizes recreational camps for children. Through living in nature filled surroundings, the Plast camp offers the perfect means for developing the child's best qualities and abilities. And every year we face the same challenge of placing children from both poor and large families into the camps. We hope that, thanks to your generous support, we would be able to grant many children an opportunity to have an enjoyable time in our camps this summer again.