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СF "Hope and Belief"

Украина, г. Киев, 03040, пер. Задорожный, д.5, корп.2

The main mission of the foundation is medical support for children, whose financial capabilities of their parents are exhausted, prompt assistance to specialized medical institutions, the purchase of equipment and furniture for children's departments of medical institutions.




Stop Victoria's Disease

Kyiv region. Started 20.1.2020

Vika is a kind, sincere girl. In February, she will be ten years old. The eldest daughter, she was always a special child in the Kosenkov family. At the age of two, the girl began to develop autism. The restoration of such children requires special efforts, patience, and huge financial investments. Regular massages, pool, treatment in specialized institutions. Speech therapist, defectologist, AVA-therapy, hippotherapy, drug therapy. And as a result, Vika went to school along with healthy children!

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Svyatik must save his sight!

Kyiv region. Started 27.12.2019

A friendly family lives in the small village of Hrebinki, Kiev region: two small but already inveterate boys, David and Svyatoslav, mother Evgenia and father Vitaliy. Life of this family is good. But unexpectedly, the youngest boy Svyatik had vision problems. The mother has repeatedly noted that the boy presents all the toys very close to eyes. This really bothered her. "When the Saint was 1 year and 3 months old, – says Evgenia, the mother of the child, – I turned to the pediatric ophthalmologist, but she reassured us and explained that he was still small and his vision was not yet fully formed". 

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Last hope. 2

Kyiv. Started 19.12.2019

"God, let those who saved me be healthy." Every day, she prays for her assistant and asks God to thank strangers for their health. Thousands of people heard her frantic cry for help and helped to back out of the abyss. Oncological diagnosis – stage 4 breast cancer – sentenced Irina to death. Time went by days. Metastases struck the head, lungs, muscles, bones. She no longer saw one eye and can not to stand up. Doctors have proposed an experimental protocol for hundreds of thousands of hryvnia. The woman underwent cyber-knife operations and many chemotherapy courses. 

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The device that returns sight to children

Kiev. Started 9.9.2019

Impaired vision in children is a widespread problem worldwide. The "office" way of life of mankind now has determined the progressive increase in the number of people suffering from various eye diseases. Poor vision is now the norm. the retired people and students and schoolchild face the problem of vision. There are many reasons for such violations. Accordingly, the number of infants with hereditary defects of vision is increasing. Children with visual impairments need special skilled assistance in special pre-school settings. 

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Supported with medications of veterans' hearts

Kiev region. Started 6.11.2018

Veterans of various wars, holders of orders and medals, people who have dedicated themselves to the construction or defense of our country... Today, these people are already over ninety years old, there are not so many lefts and every day is getting smaller. Each of them has passed a difficult path in life, each has its own unique history of the war years, which has laid an indelible imprint on the rest of his life. Their exploits are actively exploited by politicians, the mythologists from history unfold their military achievements in one direction or another, depending on the tasks set. 

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Help save the only daughter! 6

Dnipropetrovsk region. Started 11.12.2019

Sonia continues the struggle for life, which does not stop for a single day. It would seem that the worst is over – chemotherapy blocks, painful punctures, sleepless nights, days full of anxieties, waiting for results, have remained in the past... But unexpected situations often arise also at home. The past month has been difficult for Sonia and her mother. Just a week after the droppers, the girl's liver counts were 238 with a norm of 32! And this despite the fact that the little girl takes hepatoprotectors, and Sonia's mother constantly monitors the tests. A few days later, at night, Sonya suddenly felt ill: the baby shook and threw into a fever, her face turned white... 

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Zhenia's vision can be saved

Donetsk region. Started 15.11.2019

Zhenia is only two years old. This baby has a congenital cataract of the right eye and he needs an operation to replace the lens. this diagnos was put to the baby at birth. Then, in the maternity hospital, it was recommended to the mother to drop eyes of her son’s eyes and observe. But, unfortunately, the drops did not give the expected result. Mom herself already saw a white spot on her son’s eye. And at the next visit to the clinic, Zhenia revealed cataract progression. To save eyesight on the right eye, the baby needs to have an ophthalmic surgery. 

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000 000 000 UAH

Ruslana suffers from a brain tumor. 2

Kharkiv region. Started 14.11.2019

Ruslana Ovcharenko is only twelve years old. At her young age, she has to desperately fight a deadly disease – a brain tumor. It all started with the fact that in February Ruslana unexpectedly lost consciousness at school. Concerned mother and daughter immediately turned to the doctor, who sent them to the Children's Regional Hospital No. 1 of Kharkiv. A neurologist, studying a tomogram, identified vegetative-vascular dystonia and prescribed treatment, which Ruslana took 2 months. But the condition of the child worsened... The girl was sent to an MRI of the brain. The doctors could not establish an accurate diagnosis in Kharkiv and Ruslana was sent to Kyiv to the Romodanov Institute for a biopsy. The result of histology showed a disappointing diagnosis – anaplastic astrocytoma GIII... 

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Andrii has a chance to recover from the disease. 2

Kiev region. Started 13.11.2019

Andriiko was born a perfectly healthy boy. And he developed like all children, repeating words and imitating movements. He had fun responding to his mom, dad, and his older sister. But at the age of 1.5 years, parents noticed that something had happened to him. Andriyko stopped talking, responding and responding to the name. The toddler was diagnosed with a reactivated herpes virus infection. In addition, cytotoxic cell deficiency. Andrew needs treatment with strong antiviral agents and a long course of high doses of immunoglobulin. The baby has been undergoing treatment for five months and has already received four drops of immunoglobulin. 

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Margarita needs medicine

Kharkiv region. Started 12.11.2019

Little Margarita Krykun could not go to first grade. She only managed to get ready for school, when her childhood life changed dramatically. A brain tumor – such a difficult verdict was passed by doctors. Margarita began to hurt in the winter of 2018. The baby had problems with coordination of movement, began to mow the left eye, the speech was disturbed and nervous attacks appeared. They went to a local clinic and the child was sent to do an MRI. Tomography showed a brain tumor of 5 cm in size. 

Зроблено Funded 10 665 UAH
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000 000 000 UAH