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CF "Simya"

Ужгород, вул. Достоєвського 20/85,

Cooperation with the Fund is suspended.

Areas of activity: to support the improvement of working conditions for the family doctors and to provide the equipment, including medical, for the institutions that provide primary health care for families (family medicine clinic), as well as to provide educational assistance to the educational institutions: like schools and kindergartens, as well as to give charitable assistance in providing clothing, educational games and toys for children from boarding schools, low-income families, as well as providing means of personal hygiene and medical supplies and clothing to needy families (large families and families with disabled persons and single elderly people) in the city of Uzhgorod and Transcarpathian region.

The target groups of the Foundation are:

• low-income families
• single mothers
• families with three or more children
• families with disabled children
• elderly single people with disabilities
• clinics of Family Medicine
• children in kindergartens and schools

Geographical coverage: Uzhgorod, Transcarpathian region

The annual budget of the organization is 30-50 thousand UAH. including the support from the partner organizations, donors, government and some contributions received from the concerned people.

Address: 88000, Uzhgorod, st. Dostoevsky 20/85
Phone / Fax: 0312650833


Diagnostic platform to family medicine

Uzhgorod. Started 24.1.2012

Uzhgorod clinic of family medicine is in acute need of our support! After numerous requests governmental institution agreed to support repairing of clinics. But there is no money to build a tent for wheelchairs of the patients. We updated the aim of the project and ask all kind people to support us and make this clinics comfortable for its patients!