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СF "Open Palms"

Київ, вул. Полярна, 20, офіс 311

The Foundation works in the field of palliative care and provides:

- equipment and other type of support for children and adults who, due to temporary or chronic respiratory failure/oxygen deprivation are not able to breathe properly on their own. The Foundation’s operations include: a separate integrated program aimed at supporting children and adults with cystic fibrosis;
- equipment for pulmonology, intensive care, and other hospital units treating children and adults with respiratory and/or oxygen insufficiency, for hospices and palliative care units;
- advisory support for palliative patients (recognized as such that cannot be adequately treated) and their families on the issues related to pain killer prescriptions, home care, etc.,




Help Angelina get stronger

Khmelnytskyi region. Started 2.4.2020

Angelina is 7, and the girl looks two times smaller. A severe congenital disease impedes the digestion and growth, so the small one is now only 16 kg in weight. In addition, her illness causes the development of chronic infections in the lungs and destroys their tissue. Left-sided pneumonia plagues the girl over and over again, forcing her to return to the hospital for treatment. But cystic fibrosis is such an affliction that requires good daily treatment at home.

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I’m running for those who can’t breathe. Olena Pavlycheva

Kyiv. Started 19.3.2020

My name is Olena. The second year I know about the oxygen service of the Open Palms Foundation and I need to run this year. Because last year I got sick... I was diagnosed with cancer and I was undergoing long-term treatment. I'm lucky that I'm in remission. But there are those who were not so lucky... There are those whom I helped in many matters including to end their lives suffering not much. The second year I meet people who still have respiratory problems today.

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I’m running for those who can’t breathe. Yuiya Bannikova

Kyiv. Started 19.3.2020

My name is Yulia, I'm a graphic designer. I love my job, the people I meet. My life goal is to make the world more beautiful, not only from the outside but also from the inside. And I always start with myself. This marathon is a challenge because it is new to me. I run for life of those who can no longer breathe on their own. I want to raise some money for an oxygen apparatus that will help to make the lives of seriously ill people better and give them possibility to breathe free! It's the least I can do. 

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Help Asya to regain her breath

Kyiv. Started 16.3.2020

"The inhaler is broken!". This is a disaster for a cystic fibrosis patient. The morning series of inhalations literally depends on whether a person can breathe normally during the day or will suffer from shortness of breath. If you woke up, did inhalations and a series of coughing exercises - you live. Asya has not the mildest form of cystic fibrosis. In her lungs you can find a whole lot of different things - pseudomonas aeruginosa, staphylococcus aureus, and aspergilli. This is an intensive, expensive, and long-term treatment. And it is impossible without high-quality equipment. Help Asya to win and regain her breath! 

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I’m running for those who can’t breathe. Tonya Basova

Kyiv. Started 12.3.2020

Hi, friends! My name is Tonya Basova. Most of you know me as a photographer and a photography teacher. But I have another important area of activity: I work as a palliative care coordinator at Open Palms CF. Our foundation helps people with untreatable diseases that damage lungs and make the process of breathing very difficult. There are special devices – oxygen concentrators, which takes oxygen from the air and gives it to the patient in a concentrated form.

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Living on the edge of impossibility

Volyn region. Started 3.1.2020

When Irina got very sick and had to be admitted to the hospital, she was gasping for breath. At that time, she needed the supplemental oxygen 24/7. Treatment helped, and her condition gradually improved, so she hoped she would not need oxygen long-term. However, her lungs did not fully recover. "Cystic fibrosis, respiratory insufficiency stage II, multiple bronchoectases, chronic cor pulmonale, and pulmonary hypertension" the long list of diagnoses in her medical chart shows that her body has lived on the edge of impossibility for a long time and has exhausted its reserves. At this time, Irina needs to use the oxygen concentrator at night--it relieves severe hypoxia and lets her lungs rest. 

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Baby is fighting for life

Vinnytsia region. Started 2.1.2020

Sofia is only six months old, and the little one has to fight for her life. A girl from a small village in Vinnytsia region was diagnosed with a severe genetic disease of cystic fibrosis. Moreover, the girl was infected with Pseudomonas aeruginosa in the hospital. It is very difficult to remove this bacterium because it is resistant to many antibiotics. Treatment is complicated and expensive. Sofia's mother did not have time to realize that her baby is so badly ill, and it is already necessary to solve many problems of treatment and for that the woman needs large sums of money. This is a very difficult time for the family, when so many issues should be handled. Please support the family! 

Зроблено Funded 11 089 UAH
Still needed
000 000 000 UAH

GT: We save people from suffocation. Iryna Korsak

Kyiv. Started 28.11.2019

I am a doctor, a mother of two children. Unfortunately, I've had my own experience of caring for a seriously ill person in my family and I know how difficult it is when a loved one cannot breathe and you can't do anything. I can do nothing for those who have already died, but in memory of them, I want to do something so that the others do not feel this helplessness. In the project, I am raising money to buy oxygen apparatuses. I wish there were many of them in stock of the fund. I want as many people as possible to know about the fund – and that everyone who is in need, could at any time seek help and get the apparatus without a queue. Because there should be no queue for the right to breathe. 

Зроблено Funded 2 490.51 UAH
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000 000 000 UAH

GT: We save people from suffocation. Olya Geleta

Kiev. Started 28.11.2019

Breathing is normal and it seems so easy... but there are those for whom it’s not available. These people can be near us. And there are many, thousands of them!
There are many diseases that result in lung damage and oxygen deficiency. Nobody counts such people, they ask to breathe at home or in the hospital. And it
can last for months and years. The respiratory apparatus is what gives them free-breathing and adds new strength to their lives. Such an apparatus can be installed at home by plugging it into an outlet, and it will filter oxygen straight from the outside and serve it into the damaged lungs. 

Зроблено Funded 5 000 UAH
Still needed
000 000 000 UAH

GT: We save people from suffocation. Mariya Aylen

Kiev. Started 27.11.2019

I get used to asking for oxygen devices as presents for almost all my events and anniversaries. And now I’ll ask again. My foundation helps people who due to various serious illnesses, cannot breathe on their own, suffocate. In most cases (I'm not sure how many) these people's problems can no longer be cured. But some patients, using oxygen support, change their minds about dying and can live like with such support for years. Why not, after all? When suffocation backs down, the desire for life comes back. 

Зроблено Funded 8 000 UAH
Still needed
000 000 000 UAH