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ICF "Caritas Ukraine"

Caritas Ukraine is part of the world's largest network of charities Caritas Internationalis, which has 120 years of history and brings together over 160 national funds that help millions of needy people in almost 200 countries. For 24 years Caritas Ukraine has physical, social, psychological and legal assistance to hundreds of thousands of people in need, regardless of religion, social status, ethnic origin, gender or age. Deep moral and spiritual principles of dignity, justice, and solidarity are the basis of the activities of Caritas.

CF "Pomogaem"

CF "Pomogaem" was founded in 2009 by volunteers who worked in the children's hospitals, helped seriously ill children, and foster parents who took care of orphans.  This determined the main areas for charity of the Fund. 

Nowadays, the Foundation implements charity in three areas: Health, Family and Accessability.


CF "Svichado"

"Svichado" is a charity fund for logistical assistance to neonatology departments of children's hospitals and perinatal centers of Ukraine.  

Charitable foundation "Ty Anhel"

Charitable foundation "Ty Anhel" is helping the children with cancer, orphans, and children with physical disabilities in Ivano-Frankivsk region. The foundation is providing assistance to the Regional Children's Hospital, Donyna Children's Hospital, Ivano-Frankivsk Shelter for Children, Dolyna Orphanage, and Vygoda Rehabilitation Center.


СF "Hope and Belief"

Members of the foundation are the people, most of whom are themselves complex path of their treatment and prevention of cancer or are volunteers. The Fund is a member of the Ukrainian public association volunteers "Zhity tomorrow" and the member of the European Association of Cancer Patients ECPC.

Ukrainian Union of Disabled

Lviv Regional Fund of Social Protection and Recovery of the Blind was established on July 27, 1992. The Fund specializes in providing aid for the sight-disabled of I and II groups.

CO "Home of Happy Children"

Charitable organization "Home of Happy Children" was founded in 2007 whose primary mission is the creation and maintaining of the Centers for Children.




International Charity Fund "Sunshine"

Our mission is to provide effective assistance to children who need it for their good, happy and fulfilling life. From 2003, the Centre successfully implements a rehabilitation program for children who have experienced psychological trauma.


Phone: +38 (04594) 7-18-18
+38 (044) 384-10-39

Address: Brovary district, village Trebuhov, Gorkogo side-street 1A

Web site:


PO "Vidchui"

NGO "Vidchui" is the Association of citizens with hearing impairments. Our mission is the protection of their interests and their integration in society, promoting social-labour and medical rehabilitation, enjoyment, and protection of lawful social, economic, creative, age-old, national-cultural, sports and other interests.

ГО "Бачити серцем"

Основна місія - всебічна підтримка сімей, які виховують дітей з важкими порушеннями розвитку, сприяння у наданні їм комплексної фізичної, соціально-педагогічної, психологічної, правової, побутової допомоги, виявленні, підтримці та популяризації талантів, сприяння працевлаштуванню молодих людей з інвалідністю, створенню та обладнанню робочих місць для них, соціальному патронажу безпосередньо на робочому місці, організація змістовного дозвілля, інтеграція у суспільство, створення в суспільстві атмосфери поваги та толерантності до дітей з особливостями розвитку та їхніх сімей

+38067 3389657