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NGO "Day lapu drug"

"Give me a paw, my friend!" - An NGO assisting the homeless and sick animals in Zaporozhye.
The organization provides shelter for homeless animals, sick animals and the disabled ones:
- Up to 50 dogs (now at the shelter 150 dogs);
- Works on the program of sterilization of animals;
- Exists on charitable donations and funds of the organization.


CF «Happy Paw»

During the work of the fund «Happy Paw» helped to find a home in 2722 animals. In addition to the main goal - the adoption of dogs and cats in loving families, the fund solves the problem of irresponsible attitude of people to animals. Homeless animals should be less and fund «Happy Paw» believes that this can be done not because more animals will be given, but because fewer owners will throw out or leave the four-legged animals to the mercy of fate. The decision to take a dog must be conscious and considered.
Foundation «Happy Paw» was establish to unite all the efforts and capabilities of those who care for a humane solution to the problem of stray dogs in Ukraine.

Charity Fund "Eco-Centre"

Cherkassy Oblast Charitable Foundation "Eco-Center" was established in February 2011.

According to its Charter objective of the Fund is a charitable activity in the protection of animals and the environmental spheres.


Kherson CF "Zakhyst"

In every community are different problems which are known but which you will never overcome alone. To solve them the community should combine efforts and resources – financial, physical and intellectual. Exactly such problems we are trying to overcome together – the Foundation Zakhyst activating the citizens and attracting business to the charity.

The highest value we consider the trust of people, so adhere to the principles of publicity, transparency and accountability. In 2015, the Foundation became one of the winners of the National competition of annual reports of public organizations , that is high recognition of transparent activity.

Areas of activity – providing charitable help to social institutions, educational institutions, medicine and culture, suffering from lack of budget financing in solving the problems that threatening the health and lives, or violate human rights. Also we help the Ukrainian army and the families of dead soldiers. The Foundation has huge grant activities in support of local initiatives of non-governmental organizations and initiative groups. Territorial coverage – Kherson region, Ukraine.  

ICF “Ukraine! I am for You!"

Charity Fund " Ukraine! I'm for you! " was founded in 2007. Over 4 years of work have been implemented over 60 projects in Medicine, helping homeless children and nursing homes, sports schools, ecology and others. These projects have been collected about USD 2 million. 


Sumy Humane Society

Sumy Humane Society – is a voluntary public association founded by people who are not indifferent to the problems of our younger brothers and it is operating in Sumy and Sumy region.

All-Ukrainian Ecology League

Cooperation with the Fund is suspended.