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ICF "Caritas Ukraine"

Caritas Ukraine is part of the world's largest network of charities Caritas Internationalis, which has 120 years of history and brings together over 160 national funds that help millions of needy people in almost 200 countries. For 24 years Caritas Ukraine has physical, social, psychological and legal assistance to hundreds of thousands of people in need, regardless of religion, social status, ethnic origin, gender or age. Deep moral and spiritual principles of dignity, justice, and solidarity are the basis of the activities of Caritas.

Contacts Lviv:, + 38 (032) 297 66 36

Representative office in Kiev:, + 38 (044) 590 51 60

CF "Pomogaem"

CF "Pomogaem" was founded in 2009 by volunteers who worked in the children's hospitals, helped seriously ill children, and foster parents who took care of orphans.  This determined the main areas for charity of the Fund. 

Nowadays, the Foundation implements charity in three areas: Health, Family and Accessability.,,   

CF "Svichado"

"Svichado" is a charity fund for logistical assistance to neonatology departments of children's hospitals and perinatal centers of Ukraine.,,

Charity Fund "Happy child"

The mission of the foundation is effective assistance to the most needy children of the Zaporozhye region. Every day, employees and volunteers of the foundation help save someone's life, fulfill someone's dream, or simply let a person know that they remember and care about him.


ICF of Iaroslav Mydryi

International Charitable Fund of Yaroslav the Wise to promote Ukrainian national school was founded in 1994.

Mission: To promote the development of science and education, the implementation of scientific and educational programs providing aid to teachers, scientists, students and pupils.



Tel: +38 (044) 284-72-72

Fax: +38 (044) 286-10-21


CF "Agency of reconstruction and development of Do

Foundation "for" Agency restoration and development of Donbass "is based 22.8.2014, his main task is to support the rehabilitation and development of infrastructure in Donetsk and Lugansk regions.,, 

NGO "Severodonetsk Youth Council"

NGO "Severodonetsk Youth Council" was created 28/12/2010 and has established itself as an effective mechanism for the implementation of youth projects and activities, youth dialogue with the government to protect the rights of young people.




CF "Wells Territory"

CF "Wells Territory" was founded in January 2015 to unite the efforts of active citizens who are not indifferent to other people's grief to help those who suffered from Russian aggression, namely, the full occupation of the Crimea and the seizure of part of the Donetsk and Lugansk regions and active support in providing all necessary Ukrainian military servicemen, serve with honor and dignity for the benefit of our peaceful life.


Address: Kyiv, Revutskoho street 13, apt. 341

Tel.: +38-093-809-74-46


ICF "Everybody Сan"

The main activities: assistance to victims of hostilities in eastern Ukraine; development of the health sector.

Tel: +38 050 254 1811




CF "Dar"

DAR Foundation was established in 2006 to charitable activities. We contribute to solving social problems. We promote the aesthetic education of children and help them adapt to life in the modern world by searching spiritual roots of society. We promote the revival and strengthening of cultural values and traditions in Ukraine.


Tel.: +38 (044) 284 12 89
Fax: +38 (044) 284 12 83
Web site: