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CF "Future Hearts"

Foundation "Future Hearts" is nongovernmental nonprofit organization, founded in November 2012, by the doctors from the leading cardiac surgery hospitals in Kyiv. The purpose of the Fund - is to help patients with congenital heart disease.,, 

CF "Svichado"

"Svichado" is a charity fund for logistical assistance to neonatology departments of children's hospitals and perinatal centers of Ukraine.,,


СF "Open Palms"

The Foundation works in the field of palliative care and provides:

- equipment and other type of support for children and adults who, due to temporary or chronic respiratory failure/oxygen deprivation are not able to breathe properly on their own. The Foundation’s operations include: a separate integrated program aimed at supporting children and adults with cystic fibrosis;
- equipment for pulmonology, intensive care, and other hospital units treating children and adults with respiratory and/or oxygen insufficiency, for hospices and palliative care units;
- advisory support for palliative patients (recognized as such that cannot be adequately treated) and their families on the issues related to pain killer prescriptions, home care, etc.,


Our mission: to charitable activities in the public interest and certain categories of people.

Web site:

(067) 568 11 66



ICO "Down's Syndrome"

ICO "Down's Syndrome" is a nationwide charitable organization whose mission is to improve the quality of life and a new future for people with Down syndrome.

Tel.: +38 044 540 9609



CF "Pink Ribbon Ukraine"

CF "Pink Ribbon Ukraine" is a charity organization that provides information support for the treatment, rehabilitation, and diagnosis of cancer, advocacy, and protection of the rights of people with disabilities with tumors, fundraising for adults diagnosed with oncology. Our priority is breast cancer, HER 2 +++.,, 

LaVita Palliative Care Charity Fund

We make palliative care available to everyone. The main areas of activity: the work of the consultation line on palliative care in Ukraine, support for palliative and hospice departments in Kyiv, in the future in Ukraine, providing seriously ill patients and their families with care products, hygiene products and products. 

Contact details:,

Tel.: (067) 372 1712, 

CF Ukrainian Bone Marrow Donor Registry

The mission of our organization is for every patient who needs bone marrow transplantation to find his donor and get a chance at life. The main focus is the creation of a registry of bone marrow donors, integration of the registry into the world donor bank, an explanatory guide on bone marrow donation, a search in the Ukrainian and world registry of bone marrow donors for transplantation in Ukraine.