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Life hangs by a thread

Kyiv. Стартував 9.8.2013

At the National Institute of Cancer 300 children are operated every year. Every surgery requires
the use of suture material. And it is always lacking at the pediatric department. The aim of our project is to raise money for such materials, to purchase them and to give them to the hospital.

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000 000 000 грн

Clown nose for recovery

Dnipropetrovs'k. Стартував 4.10.2013

The Clown School in Dnepropetrovsk has been underway for a year, preparing the masters of clowning to work with children in local hospitals. Our Clowns in the department are cheerful friends and assistants, always looking forward to it and always reluctant to let go of both children and parents. Now there is a serious problem-lack of funds and sponsors for equipment and props. As a result, there is no money to buy even colorful balloons and clown noses.

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Inclusive education for blind children

Lviv. Стартував 6.12.2013

Today blind children can get an education only in special boarding schools, which are only 6 in Ukraine. In spite of satisfactory methodological, but unsatisfactory technical base, study in a special boarding school for every blind child means long-time separation from parents and as a result family values collapse, the mentality of the blind child suffers, because such child after habituating to the special boarding school feels him/herself left by parents.

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Share with your warmth

Rivne. Стартував 21.12.2013

In Ukraine, many babies are born prematurely. Saving the child requires tremendous efforts of doctors and parents. And even more important in this process is modern equipment. It is very difficult to provide conditions close to the baby in utero. In mom's tummy warm, dark and quiet. Such conditions may partly provide resuscitation table for neonates with radiant heat lamp. The purpose of this project - the acquisition of such equipment for Rivne Oblast Children's Hospital.

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000 000 000 грн