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ТОВ "Клiн Хендс". Наша компанія займається продажами вологих промислових серветок BigWipes.

Очищають руки, інструменти, будь-які види покриттів і поверхонь від усіх промислових забруднювачів: фарба (будь-яких складів), герметик (акриловий, силіконовий), монтажна піна, солідол, бітум, граф і тне мастило, а також інші складні промислові забруднювачі.
В рамках благодійної акції готові співпрацювати з мережами будівельних магазинів, АЗС і т.п. А частину від вилучених кошт ів перераховувати на добрі справи.

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A second life for the mom

Dnipropetrovs'k reg. Стартував 1.10.2013

Misfortune can happen to anyone. Yulia, a young mom, has survived an apparent death after an injection of a medicine, which she already used earlier, as a result of anaphylactic shock. To bring her back to life, Yulia’s family has spent an immense sum and is in debt now. At present Yulia badly needs rehabilitation courses but the family simply does not have any money for them. Yulia’s children believe that their mom will certainly recover! That people will not turn their backs on them and will help their mom, will give their mom a second life!

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For her eyes not to fade away

Zaporizzhya reg. Стартував 24.12.2013

A 9-year-old girl really wants to live but in Ukraine she cannot get help – for almost two years all available treatments have been exhausted. There is only one hope – treatment in Germany! To overcome neuroblastoma – a large tumor in the retroperitoneal cavity – our little princess needs help of the others. She needs help of those people who don’t know her but they still do care about her.

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000 000 000 грн

Save Danilko`s heart

Vinnitsa. Стартував 23.12.2013

8 years boy, Danila Chumak is in urgent need of special device – occluder. This device allows to fix the atrial septal defect. Device is pretty expensive, and unfortunately the funds of the government are not available for everyone. A lot of families have to cover the price of the occluder by themselves. So the best treatment option for the boy – occluder is not affordable for his family.

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Three Marias: "Save Our Ivanko!"

Uzhgorod. Стартував 12.12.2013

Ivankov was 3.5 years, when he got to the hospital with a diagnosis of "pneumonia". This is when it all started. They saved his life then in the intensive care unit. But in 2011 the physicians uttered a terrible diagnosis: acute hybrid leukemia. The only life-saving measure can be a bone marrow transplantion from an unrelated donor, which is conducted only abroad. Three Marias – Ivan’s grandmother, mother and sister - beg to help raise money to find donor.

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Donetsk. Стартував 12.11.2013

The girl Karina who lives in Donetsk is very nice, clever and strong. Her strength lies in fighting for her health against the diagnosed ICP (infantile cerebral paralysis) for all she is worth. An integral rehabilitation phase for Karina is staged plastering of her legs, which is a painful and expensive procedure. There is no money to make it. Karina’s father had quit family yet before her birth and there is nobody to help the single mother but us!

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