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И ВДОХНОВЛЯЮЩИЕ ПРОДУКТЫПродукты для тех, кто стремится делать

свою жизнь лучше каждый день. Мы часто говорим:
«Always upgrade yourself», что означает “Всегда продолжай развиваться” – и сами следуем этому правилу.

Мы делаем бизнес с душой и знаем, что ты действительно можешь больше. Welcome!

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Healing light for Neterplyachki

Chernovtsy. Started 24.10.2016

All know what is jaundice - a yellow color of skin. But not everyone knows what causes it. Everyone's body has a yellow compound called bilirubin. The cause of the premature born children's jaundice is their bodies cannot deduce the bilirubin and it accumulates. A high level of bilirubin causes brain damage, which may be irreversible. 80% of premature born children.0, especially those whose weight is below 1500 grams, have a jaundice that needs to be cured.

Зроблено Funded 19 704 UAH
Still needed
000 000 000 UAH

Upgrade Halloween

Kyiv. Started 10.10.2016

Heeeey, Upgrade community! Very long time ago we hadn't fun all together, really? We still remember an excellent party for Halloween last year and your great costumes. It is time not only repeat a meeting on October 29, but also to make it even more cool! And secondly (and this is important!), this year we will set very important charitable object: present Pulsoksimetriya's devices in separations for prematurely born children of the Rivne regional children's hospital and NDSB "OHMATDET".

Зроблено Funded 52 000 UAH
Still needed
000 000 000 UAH