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The price of the little Ania's life. 2

Zhytomyr region. Started 24.10.2018

 support of caring people during the first stage, this little girl received the necessary medications for treatment, for which her parents are very grateful.

In November last year, the baby was unexpectedly diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia. The long-term treatment, the protocols of chemotherapy were left behind, and now the girl must go on radiation therapy. But her tests failed , very low leukocytes. And it can raise them with medication. Anya needs ot the colony-stimulating medicament Neupogen, two packs of which cost 15,650.00 UAH.

During treatment, the girl has changed, has grown up. In June, she turned 5 years old. She enjoys learning children's poems and telling them to others. While the girl was undergoing treatment, a sister appeared in her family - Masha. Therefore, Anya is in the hospital with her grandmother, and her mother is at home with her little sister. Anya, despite her young age, feels older, and takes care of Masha.

The girl's father is working, trying to provide his family with everything necessary. During the first six months of the treatment of Anya, her parents coped with current expenses on their own, but, unfortunately, all the savings of this family have been exhausted, and the child needs to continue treatment. They really ask for your help and support.

The parents want to see their little girl again happy and cheerful! Do not leave Anyuta alone with the disease, please support this girl!


Name: Radysyuk Anna, 19.06.2013

City: Yagniatyn village, Zhytomyr region

Diagnosis: acute lymphoblastic leukemia, "common" type, 1 acute period

Зроблено Funded 15 650 UAH
Still needed
000 000 000 UAH

Inhalations save lives. 4

All Ukraine. Started 31.5.2018

"Where I can take more energy to get through all these things? It’s just morning.." the mothers of children with cystic fibrosis think like this when waking their children up to morning procedures and inhalations. Not one single inhalation, not two, and not even three, but at least, five or more than ten. Every day. Without any break. All their lives. Only super powerful nebulizers can withstand such load and their cost is rather expensive... That’s why our equipment waiting-line is not decreasing.

Сплатити Need 72 610 UAH
Still needed
000 008 755 UAH

Learn to learn. 2

Cherkasy region. Started 19.9.2018

Beautiful girl Luba was born prematurely on the 7th month. At birth, she was diagnosed with cerebral palsy. After 9 years, she lost a mother. She came to her grandmother's education. Why so little girl has so many tests? With her diagnosis, it is necessary to constantly undergo rehabilitation, which will allow Luba to adapt to society. 

Зроблено Funded 10 000 UAH
Still needed
000 000 000 UAH

Health reserve fund

Ukraine. Started

Health reserve fund – is a UBB project that accumulates money of those people, trusted UBB in decision what project is in acute need more than others.

If you have not decided yet, what project in particular you would like to support; if you hesitate in your choice, what project is more important; or if all of the projects seem to be equally important to you – thus you have complete right to donate for the category.

Save the heart of Darina Kravchenko

Kyiv. Started 18.9.2018

Lonely mother of two children appeals to the request for help to my youngest daughter Darina! At the 20th week of pregnancy, the baby was diagnosed with a congenital heart disease, an interventricular septal defect. After a birth have sent on inspection in kardiotsentr where the diagnosis have confirmed. Every year the child was observed, examined. Although miserable, but there was hope that the defect would close itself, but the miracle did not happen.

Зроблено Funded 89 929 UAH
Still needed
000 000 000 UAH