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Мы трудимся в сфере высококачественной печати, работаем с оборудованием, впервые представленным в Украине. С удовольствием присоединяемся и к высококачественной, комфортной и удобной системе филантропии - через общенациональную инфраструктуру онлайн-благотворительности - УББ.

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Share the World for child

8 cities. Started 16.3.2012

World for orphans is a bed in their room, halls of orphanage and some care from the closest people – their tutors. Orphans can only imagine what life is out of barriers of their orphanages. And who cares that a child could have a talent in painting or he is able to solve integral equation in its 11… We can broaden these limits and send more than 80 children from orphanages! Transport, accommodation and sightseeing expenses are covered by  “Anex Tour”. We have to raise money for travel documents.

Зроблено Funded 21 564 UAH
Still needed
000 000 000 UAH