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Compassion wins leukemia

Kiev. Started 7.9.2017

"I made plans for the future, with my loved ones dreamed of playing a wedding and giving birth to twins. I have never been serious health problems. Colleagues are accustomed to seeing me smiling and cheerful. But one day I felt weak, dizzy. I went to the doctor. The diagnosis sounded like a verdict – acute leukemia. I initially refused to believe, then a week could not move away from the shock, it seemed that – the end.

Сплатити Need 1 800 000 UAH
Still needed
001 520 043 UAH

Save the future of the rescuer!

Rivne region. Started 12.7.2017

"From the very beginning of my life, everything went wrong. Something was wrong with my body. We had to correct one or the other defect. I am very grateful to my parents and doctors that they "repaired" my body while helping to develop and strengthen my spirit. I did not hank, was positive, smiled to the whole world. I decided that fate quizzes my strength. I was ready to go through it to become strong вecause I want to be a rescuer. But the fate brought me another terrible test – cancer.

Сплатити Need 2 200 000 UAH
Still needed
001 187 556 UAH

Two lives but one hope. 5

Kryvyi Rih. Started 2.10.2017

Vanya and Nikita were born prematurely, Nikita two minutes earlier, but the brunt of living in this world was first felt by Vanya. On the third day of life, he suffered a respiratory arrest and was taken in intensive care, and the next day, due to severe jaundice and pneumonia, his brother got there too. In the intensive care unit complications developed, doctors did not believe that kids would survive… in the end: the terrible diagnosis of cerebral palsy and that family doomed to a long, exhausting struggle for every little step of both children.

Зроблено Funded 49 000 UAH
Still needed
000 000 000 UAH

Vladochka needs an angel!

Donetsk region. Started 11.7.2017

"I often see the same night dream – morning, the warm sun is touching the cheek of my daughter. Wake up, my dear, the new day full of adventures is waiting for you – school, friends, games, laughing, running! But a dream is terminating by the heartbreaking siren of an ambulance, I'm returning to reality and again understand where I am: a small hospital room, bad, smell of medication and naked white walls of the hospital, which became our home for already several years.

Сплатити Need 295 531 UAH
Still needed
000 099 519 UAH

Cheerful sounds of sadness

Dnipropetrovsk region . Started 16.8.2017

Maria Borysenko needs a cochlear implant to hear. The girl is three years old. She has sensorineural hearing loss of the fourth degree. This means that the girl does not hear almost anything, even with hearing aids. This means that she will not learn to speak unless she has been able to implant in her head special devices, an invention that turned deafness into a curable disease before she was five years old, and dumbness due to deafness made it impossible. With her deafness, three years is the extreme age when the child can still be taught to speak, giving him the ability to hear.

Сплатити Need 468 000 UAH
Still needed
000 437 745 UAH