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Save Diyanych Oleksandra

Zakarpatia region. Started 3.7.2020

Oleksandra grew up a healthy girl, cheerful and happy, but at the age of 12, happiness turned into a terrible grief. Then the doctors made Sasha a terrible diagnosis – a tumor of the fourth ventricle of the brain (papillary ependymoma). Doctors quickly reacted by having surgery, and trouble knocks on the door again... During the operation, the child had a hemorrhage, and Alexandra fell into a coma for a month and a half. Now the child has come out of the coma, and again happiness seems to be turning away... The girl is lying without any movement – complete inaction.

Сплатити Need 135 409 UAH
Still needed
000 102 582 UAH

Save the heart of Ksenia Moskalenko

Odessa region. Started 25.6.2020

UPD: despite the grave condition of the girl and the need to have an emergency operation, Ksenia has already been operated on, the supplier company provided an implant with a guarantee of payment in order to save the baby’s life. Now we continue to raise funds to pay co-investment.

In our urgent care needs of a little girl, Xenia, of which only 8.5 months. The girl is already in the Amosov Institute and the is no time to lose! Xenia is very urgent need to do heart surgery for installing heart implant (conduit) and we appeal to all to help.

Сплатити Need 214 500 UAH
Still needed
000 038 496 UAH

From the playground to the hospital. 3

Odessa. Started 13.4.2020

Five-year-old Maxym has been fighting for his life for 10 months now. His life has changed dramatically as a result of a traumatic brain injury after a fall from a low hill on a playground. Neurorehabilitation has become fact of life for the child, his family and a professional team of doctors. During all this time, this boy’s health condition has stabilised. According to doctors, he is doing much better now. Every day we observe the way this child slowly returns back to life. 

Сплатити Need 320 000 UAH
Still needed
000 161 750 UAH

Pain and wounds for life

Mykolaiv. Started 20.3.2020

Usually this rare and very scary disease – bullous epidermolysis – manifests itself from the birth of a baby, but in Bogdanchik's life it was a little different... He was born a healthy boy, his mother and relatives could not enjoy this treasure that appeared in their lives. But this happiness did not last long… In a month, the boy had some skin rashes, at first it did not cause much anxiety, but when the rashes did not pass, and the doctor after the doctor could not find that it was in a toddler, mother and relatives started to creep in fear... And after 1.5 years (!), doctors diagnosed the bullous epidermolysis. "How can we cure it?", the first question sounded. "Unfortunately, it's for life"... 

Сплатити Need 93 643 UAH
Still needed
000 010 876 UAH

Need medicine for heart function

Rivne region. Started 19.6.2020

Kateryna Borisovna is now a pensioner. An optimist by nature, this friendly woman lived a rather difficult life. She was born in 1950, she does not remember her father, because he died in her childhood. Her mother raised three girls. Therefore, Katya, having finished 8 classes, immediately went to work. At that time there was no particular choice and the girl worked in catering establishments. Then there was the sugar factory. Subsequently, Kateryna got married. 

Зроблено Funded 9 396 UAH
Still needed
000 000 000 UAH