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She's one in a million!

Kyiv. Started 7.8.2017

One Ukrainian schoolgirl in a million chooses journalism. Inna Zhmud is the one, one in a million. She has made hundreds of packages which have helped thousands of people to save children, to reach out to thick-skinned utility service providers, to stand upon their right and stick up for their rights. And now Inna herself needs help. And again she is one in a million. In a million of oncology patients, there is only one similar case. Adrenocortical carcinoma of the left agrenal gland. Ukrainian doctors have done their best. But such cases are not cured in Ukraine. Germany has tackled the case.

Сплатити Need 233 000 UAH
Still needed
000 145 332 UAH

Vladochka needs an angel!

Donetsk region. Started 11.7.2017

"I often see the same night dream – morning, the warm sun is touching the cheek of my daughter. Wake up, my dear, the new day full of adventures is waiting for you – school, friends, games, laughing, running! But a dream is terminating by the heartbreaking siren of an ambulance, I'm returning to reality and again understand where I am: a small hospital room, bad, smell of medication and naked white walls of the hospital, which became our home for already several years.

Сплатити Need 295 531 UAH
Still needed
000 213 412 UAH

The chance on the healthy

Kiev. Started 26.5.2017

There is no music sweeter than the angelic voices of children. These twins are unable to speak, they cannot communicate with their peers. These kids are 3-1/2 years old, but they live in the world understandable only to them. They do not respond to requests or suggestions, do not repeat any movements, do not point their little fingers at things.

Сплатити Need 77 250 UAH
Still needed
000 041 992 UAH

Polinka believes that you can help her!

Ternopil. Started 18.4.2017

The Ministry of Health has allocated funds to pay for the treatment of Polina.

Polina is two years old and her little life is already in danger. Leukemia does not seem so terrible in comparison with the diagnosis, which put the Polina. Leukemia is treated with chemotherapy and save the girl from the primary red blood cell aplasia is possible only through a bone marrow transplant. Bone marrow transplantation in Turley. If we don't help Polina, this diagnosis will be her sentence. But we'll help, right?

Зроблено Funded 789 048.63 UAH
Still needed
000 000 000 UAH

Dancing phoenix

Kremenchuk. Started 24.6.2017

At 15, Nadia Korniienko weighs only 32 kg with a height of 140 cm. Her body is curved in the form of a question mark. These are the consequences of abnormal scoliosis of the 7th degree, which, unfortunately, is rapidly progressing. So quickly that to date, Nadia has only six months: if during this time there will not be an operation on the spine, then no one will be able to help her. Without surgery, the girl will not live more than a year and a half or two.

Сплатити Need 2 014 830 UAH
Still needed
000 623 807 UAH