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Drozdovy brothers: win cerebral palsy!

Kharkiv. Стартував 25.6.2019

On February 15, 2016, at the 29th week of pregnancy, Natalia Drozdova was born with twins – Ivan 1,420 kg 40 cm and Danylo 1,470 kg 38 cm. From the operating room, the boys were taken to the neonatal intensive care unit. And from that moment on, the life of mom and dad changed drastically. The condition of the children was regarded as difficult. Respiratory failure due to immaturity. On the 7th day of life, pulmonary hemorrhage occurred, transfusion of blood components was done, the health state was severe. The most terrible words for parents: "The health state is consistently heavy".

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Parents dream of cure their son. 2

Kherson. Стартував 21.6.2019

The boy in the photo is Misha. He is a desirable and expected child for his parents because this is their fourth attempt to become mother and dad. The previous three times, they tragically lost their children. "The last blow was the loss of the daughter on the 23rd week, and I ceased to believe in anything. When we learned that we could become parents again, I was under stress, I was very afraid that something bad would happen again.

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Forget forever what cerebral palsy is

Dnipropetrovsk region . Стартував 22.5.2019

All his 10-year life little Valeria fights. God, how difficult it is for this little one to be a part of our world. She wants to be healthy. She wants to be happy. She wants to see her parents smiling. She wants to forget forever what cerebral palsy is... After the birth of the girl, she suffered a cerebral hemorrhage, hypoxic starvation and convulsive syndrome. Subsequently, the doctors concluded: Lera had cerebral palsy, tetraplegia, scoliosis of the thoracolumbar spine, spinal foot flattening and symptomatic epilepsy.

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Vlada wants to hear the world

Kherson region. Стартував 19.6.2019

Nine years ago, two beautiful daughters – Kira and Vlada – appeared in the Alekseev's family. Since then, their mother has four сhild. Alas, already 5 days after the birth of twin girls, a number of great difficulties arose, which until now the Alekseev's did not encounter and did not assume that such a thing was possible. Girls were born with surgery much earlier than expected. Kira was, albeit with a small weight, but she was luckier than her sister Vlada. Born with a weight of 2050 grams, Vlada’s health did not cause concern and was left with her mother. But after a few days, the girl was diagnosed with blood poisoning – sepsis. 

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Twins want to walk!

Chernihiv region. Стартував 3.7.2019

Diana and Mykhailo were born deeply premature by cesarean section and immediately went into intensive care. The twins spent 2 months under a ventilator, then the same amount of time in the second nursing stage. In the end, they were discharged home in satisfactory condition. 

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