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Teplotech promoted company in November, 1998 and during 14 is an official representative Max Weishaupt GmbH in Ukraine. Over the years we realized over 2000 large and small objects, more than 5000 gas-rings are put to Ukraine.

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Save Egor from insidious leukosis

Dnepropetrovsk. Стартував 13.5.2016

Unfortunately, Yegor died. The UBB team brings our most sincere words of condolence to the boy's own son, who so bravely fought for his life.

The words of the doctors which Egorka's parents heard a year ago sounded like a judgment: a rare form of leukemia, only bone marrow transplantation will help the child. The whole country, we saved Egorka collecting funds for treatment in Turkey. The second transplantation was followed by the first one – the doctors do it in April, although the treatment was not paid in full: in fact, the doctors lent him a chance to survive. Now we need to find $ 20,000 to pay for transplantation, and also for post-operative rehabilitation and examinations.

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