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Don't let the flu kill them

Kiev. Started 1.10.2019

Our children cannot play the lottery: will they be lucky this season or not? And if so, will it be possible to cope at home or in the hospital, in the resuscitation department? Our children are not lucky for their birth. Every day of their lives, they struggle with a serious genetic disease that destroys the lungs. Any respiratory illness is a hard knock for them. Flu can kill them, and we cannot allow this to happen. Please help us to protect them. Children and adults who live with cystic fibrosis are especially amenable to infections. Because of the changes the principal disease makes to their bodies, it’s easy for the virus to settle in them, and it’s more difficult to drive it out. Cystic fibrosis is a consequence of a genetic breakdown that makes all body secrets more viscous.

Зроблено Funded 5 197 UAH
Still needed
000 000 000 UAH

Health reserve fund

Ukraine. Started 26.1.2012

Health reserve fund – is a UBB project that accumulates money of those people, trusted UBB in decision what project is in acute need more than others.

If you have not decided yet, what project in particular you would like to support; if you hesitate in your choice, what project is more important; or if all of the projects seem to be equally important to you – thus you have complete right to donate for the category.

UBB infrastructure development and statutory activity of UBB

Ukraine. Started 26.1.2012

Our UBB team are so gratitude to you, for support. Thanks to donations from ordinary Ukrainians, our project has saved thousands of lives over the last seven years. We have already fulfilled more than 5 300 projects all over Ukraine, which include already implemented projects and those that are about to receive the "Done" status. 

Successful operations of the Ukrainian Philanthropic Marketplace are based on the principles of transparent, accountable and driving charity, and are possible subject to three conditions:

1. People’s hope for the best.

2. The team of ambitious and passionate managers and volunteers.

3. Grants and donations from donors.

Owing to the streamlined operation of our website, you have an opportunity to help those who need this, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Are you my mom? 2

Lviv. Started 17.5.2019

The life of little Misha began with a heavy loss: a month after the birth of the boy, his mother died. This was a heavy blow for the whole family, and little Misha experienced this event especially hard. It is so hard that now when he is more mature, he constantly asks: "Are you my mom?". Now the boy is 5 years old, he is smart, he knows how to count, he knows the words of many songs and almost all the colors, but his body still does not obey him.

Зроблено Funded 595 000 UAH
Still needed
000 000 000 UAH

Let death wait!

Шановні донори, в розділі документація розміщений Проміжний звіт. Дякую вам за довіру та підтримку.

Let’s build new Dacha together!

Доброго дня, друзі. Звертаємо Вашу увагу на те ще, на сайті розміщено проміжний звіт. Дякуєм за підтримку.

Christmas miracle for a sick child

Шановні донори, Оператор допомоги звернувся до нас із проханням про відтермінування надання фінанслового звіту. Детальна інформація розміщена в розділі "Документація".

Bogdan dreams of walking. 5

Шановні Донори, Оператор допомоги звернувся з проханням відтермінувати подачу звіту, детальна інформація розміщена в розділі "Документація". Дякую вам за довіру та підтримку.

Mom, I have no childhood! 3

Шановні Донори, Оператор допомоги звернувся з проханням відтермінувати подачу звітної документації по проекту. Детальна інформація розміщена в розділі "Документація". Дякуємо вам за довіру та підтримку.

Help us to go to school

Khmelnitsky . Started 21.7.2016

Soon, will come September 1 and we will hear the call, which will call the children to school in the country of knowledge. Unfortunately, not all children are able to properly go on this journey. So let us work together to prepare for the new school year, and they will form small student sets.

Зроблено Funded 6 000 UAH
Still needed
000 000 000 UAH

I love you mom! 2

Donetsk region. Started 4.7.2019

Zhenia will be 6 years old this year. Many of her peers intend to go to school in order to gain knowledge and develop themselves further. Because of cerebral palsy, mental and speech retardation, the girl can’t learn. This year she needs to undergo courses of treatment in rehabilitation centers over and over again. She still can’t walk, talk and stand, do most of the things by herself. She doesn’t understand the meaning of the word "school".

Зроблено Funded 18 280 UAH
Still needed
000 000 000 UAH