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Health reserve fund

Ukraine. Started 26.1.2012

Health reserve fund – is a UBB project that accumulates money of those people, trusted UBB in decision what project is in acute need more than others.

If you have not decided yet, what project in particular you would like to support; if you hesitate in your choice, what project is more important; or if all of the projects seem to be equally important to you – thus you have complete right to donate for the category.

Katia dreams of a new face and a beautiful smile

Odessa region. Started 19.7.2019

8-year-old Katya was born with rare Tricher-Collins syndrome. This is a genetic disease caused by a mutation in a gene. Such as Katia are called “a child without a face”. The disease is manifested in multiple development deformities of the maxillofacial area. Katya endured a lot of surgeries and the next one is on the line, but the family has no more money. The girl dreams of a new face and a beautiful smile. But the problem is not only in appearance. To date, deformed facial bones complicate Katia's breathing, hearing, and vision. Plastic surgery will improve the appearance of Katya, and most importantly help to breathe, hear and see. 

Зроблено Funded 50 000 UAH
Still needed
000 000 000 UAH

Understand, talk, communicate!

Odessa. Started 27.6.2019

Now Misha Bilyi is 6.5 years old; he is in no way different from his equals in an age in appearance and physically, but he is lagging far behind them in his psychoverbal development. The boy hardly perceives the speech addressed to him; his active vocabulary corresponds to the age of 3 years. He goes to kindergarten with his twin sister; he eats by himself, but does it badly; his teachers help him to get dressed. He participates in matinees, although he never recites poems, in common dances he tries to imitate. When he was 2.5 years old, Misha was diagnosed with sensory alalia; the presence of an arachnoid cyst in the brain was revealed; the child understood or said nothing. 

Зроблено Funded 18 000 UAH
Still needed
000 000 000 UAH

Her dream is to see

Sumy. Started 1.8.2019

Each of us has our own dream. Yeva is just over four and a half years old. This biggest dream of a little girl is to see well. It so happened that from the first days of birth, the life of this baby is not easy. At birth, she was diagnosed with fetal dropsy, presumably due to intrauterine infection. Newborn Eva was then placed in the intensive care unit, where she spent 18 days, 7 of which were on artificial respiration. 

Зроблено Funded 12 656 UAH
Still needed
000 000 000 UAH

SMA, stop!

Donetsk region. Started 25.2.2019

Dasha will turn 9 years old soon, eight of them, she is struggling with a rare progressive disease of SMA – spinal muscular atrophy. It is the disease that takes a person's ability to walk, stand, sit, eat, and even breathe; it literally eats up muscles. Before Dasha was 1 year and 2 months, like all children, she could squat and stand on her own, bending down and picking up a toy, but now these skills have been lost. Gradually all muscles of the body atrophy, paralysis of the locomotor system, heart and respiration occur.

Зроблено Funded 10 666 UAH
Still needed
000 000 000 UAH

Uncertainty inside

Валерия, добра Вам и сил! Всё у Вас будет хорошо... главное держаться и бороться!

To return the opportunity to walk! 2

Всё будет хорошо... ты мне веришь?

Cancer wins, hepatitis remains. 2

Выздоравливай, Юлечка! Всё у тебя будет хорошо - ты сильный человечек! Иногда, такой тяжёлый путь нужно пройти, чтобы до конца понимать некоторые вещи... в любом случае, ты с этим справляешься и всё самое лучше ещё впереди :)

Return the opportunity to walk!

Кристинка, ты Козерог, а это самый духовно сильный знак зодиака. Я верю, что у тебя очень много сил и ты можешь справиться с этой временной проблемой, которая пришла к тебе. Я тоже Козерог... и я хочу частичку своей энергии передать тебе, чтобы и твоя и моя сила духа помогли в 2 раза быстрее вернуть тебя к полноценной жизни. Пожалуйста, не сдавайся! Борись! И самое главное - верь (настоящая вера во что-то - полноценно приводит это в жизнь... в моей жизни было много чудес, благодаря вере... поэтому я знаю о чём говорю... наши мысли способны многое преодолеть и воплотить в жизнь даже нереальные вещи) P.S.: Посмотри фильм "Секрет" - фильм о том, как наши мысли притягивают события... это реально работает (из личного опыта).

To stop a rare disease!

Как дела у Лерочки?