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“Mother’s Heart” foundation has been founded to help children with severe illnesses,orphans and those who are really in time of need.We really think that children cannot be on their own.Our team comprises of those who cannot stand aside when difficult fate of these children unfolds.Not a single day goes by do we try to do something to save these children.And every one of you who share our goals,opinion and have a desire to help the little ones can join us an become a part of our team.

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BDayVyklyk: first breathe

Kiev. Started 21.7.2017

Preterm newborns are the most vulnerable and the most challenging category of patients. Since their first minutes of living in this world, babies who sometimes easily fit in a hand have to literally fight for their chance to healthy and full-fledged life. Because of immaturity of all of their organs, they have difficulty to adapt to the new environment that is aggressive to them. Conditions that repeat those in a mother’s womb are partly created using high-tech medical equipment, but oftentimes, infants suffer from grave complications, including brain affection, central nervous system, various chronic diseases.

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