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Her life depends on the medication

Kirovograd region. Стартував 12.8.2019

Now she is only 12 years old. Clever and mother's assistant. This year, Katia Mariuk graduated from grade 7. Over the last 4 years, this wonderful girl has suffered such ordeals that are not always possible even for an adult. For four years, Katia has been fighting for her life with cancer. The disease is severe and dangerous. Several times victory was almost obtained. But lymphoma returned again. 

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There is a chance – there is life

Kiev. Стартував 14.6.2019

The diagnosis of "glioblastoma" for most people in Ukraine is a verdict. This most aggressive malignant tumor "settled" in the brain of a 16-year-old athlete Nikita Maletsky. The chance to destroy malignant cells and with that a chance to live is given to the boy by the German physicians. They are ready to start on Nikita’s treatment with modern methods of anti-tumor vaccination and immunotherapy. 

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Curative oxygen for Artem

Zaporizhia region. Стартував 5.6.2019

Artem is a unique child. As in Ukraine, there are only about two hundred children like him. The common diagnosis unites these children – SMA – spinal muscular atrophy. This is a ruthless disease that gradually takes away all the skills of a child. Therefore, the life of "SMAleys" (children with SMA disease) is a daily struggle and faith in a miracle. The more the disease makes itself felt, the more special equipment appears in Artem's room. It is still impossible to cure the boy, but if to organize the right care, it is possible to prolong his life. It means so much! 

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Katia dreams of a new face and a beautiful smile

Odessa region. Стартував 19.7.2019

8-year-old Katya was born with rare Tricher-Collins syndrome. This is a genetic disease caused by a mutation in a gene. Such as Katia are called “a child without a face”. The disease is manifested in multiple development deformities of the maxillofacial area. Katya endured a lot of surgeries and the next one is on the line, but the family has no more money. The girl dreams of a new face and a beautiful smile. But the problem is not only in appearance. To date, deformed facial bones complicate Katia's breathing, hearing, and vision. Plastic surgery will improve the appearance of Katya, and most importantly help to breathe, hear and see. 

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I live!

Cherkasy region. Стартував 5.12.2018

On March 9, 2017, Ira gave birth to her first and only son Danichka with a weight of 4 200 kg and 53 cm. Apparently, due to a rather large weight, he was born with cephalhematoma on her head. After 4 days in the hospital, the baby was sent to the hospital to remove the cephalhematoma. His mom was uncomfortable, because after the maternity hospital everyone is met with festive balloons and is happily going home, and she and her husband drove many kilometers, and again 4 walls, again a hospital...

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