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Paralympian needs hearing aid

Kiev. Started 24.4.2019

Before us is a 32-year-old from Kiev, Oleksii Vysotskyi – a strong and strong-willed young man. Pleasant companion. He talks about sport in an interesting and detailed way. And it is not surprising, because he lives it. It is difficult to imagine that this person may have health problems. However, this is a fact – since childhood till today, this Paralympic without a special apparatus hears absolutely nothing. 

Сплатити Need 25 000 UAH
Still needed
000 014 449 UAH

It's terrible to return to the world of silence

Dnipro. Started 3.7.2018

Natalia Gurova has 4 favorite daughters. The two younger daughters have one common problem – a hearing loss. The family does everything possible so that the girls do not feel isolated from the world. Vika wears hearing aids and Sasha got cochlear implantation when she was 4 years old. But for last several months Sasha lives in constant anxiety: the speech processor, the most important part of the implant, has broken down. It was temporarily repaired, but it can fail at any moment. And remaining in the world of silence for only a month causes that Sasha will begin to lose skills of speech that were acquired with such difficulty.

Сплатити Need 198 057 UAH
Still needed
000 113 653 UAH

I dream to live without pain in the joints

Kiev. Started 4.6.2018

This is Olena. Since childhood, she has a disability, a woman has a congenital bilateral dislocation of both thighs and bilateral crossoverthosis of the third degree. All childhood Elena was encased in a cast and moved little. But now she is 28 years old, a woman has a beautiful daughter Pauline, who will soon go to first grade! Elena just did not use the children's "problems", and then again the challenge: "The operation or you cannot walk."

Сплатити Need 243 069 UAH
Still needed
000 231 424 UAH

Help them breathe

Khmelnytskyi. Started 30.7.2018

Preschoolers Nastusya and Timofiyko, schoolchildren Sasha and Vitaliy, students Denis and Yana – what unites them? All of them were born with a genetic disease, cystic fibrosis. This is a rare disease, which is strikes, first and foremost, in the lungs. Abnormal thick mucus blocks the lungs, causing severe infections that provoke obsessive coughing, pneumonia, bronchitis and other complications. 

Сплатити Need 59 200 UAH
Still needed
000 015 386 UAH

For a healthy lifestyle!

Здравствуйте. Возможно проект уже не актуален или нашли способ сделать своими руками? Хотелось бы узнать актуальную информацию.

Child's courage. Stage 2

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