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started 25.8.2015

Project is realized by
ICF of Iaroslav Mydryi

Boryspil educational complex "Lyceum "Design Education" named after Pavlo Chubinskyi - specialized school I-III" relatively young institution. Its history began in 1998. High School created an interesting concept development, innovative approaches to create content management and organization of educational, scientific and methodical work, with team of highly qualified, in love with his profession, teachers for training and education of gifted children.

In 2000, the Lyceum was named after Pavlo Chubinskyi. Pedagogical credo of lyceum staff - "Quality education - the key to the success of our children." Lyceum recognized winner of "Quality Leader - 2009" and awarded the quality certificate of the Public Council of the city. Also, lyceum has significant achievements, one of them is the best educational institutions of Kiev region in the category "Secondary schools".

SEC "Lyceum "Design Education" named after Pavlo Chubinskyi-specialized school I-III stages" the Federation " regenerated gymnasium Ukraine" creative union leaders educational institutions of Kiev region, the International Association "Cossacks", a stronghold city of Boryspil institution with the introduction of new information technologies Active participant of the program "Partners in Education".

All the work of the teaching staff aims to create optimal conditions for training and education of the younger generation. Material base - is aesthetically equipped classrooms, a modern library and information center, Internet, two science classrooms, laboratory etnodyzaynu where aprobuyetsya regional program "Innovative" Design Education ", which requires constant maintenance.

Enroll in Boryspil SEC "Lyceum "Design Education" named after Pavlo Chubinskyi", named after the great Ukrainian - author of the first hymn of Ukraine, is prestigious, because it starts the future.

We appeal to all kind people for help. Boryspil SEC "Lyceum "Design Education" named Pavlo Chubinskyi" must buy 11 computer tables.

Believe that in Ukraine there are many caring people who are experiencing a heart for education and the future of our children.

Funded 3 046.77 UAH.
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Шановні друзі! На сайті розміщений звіт. Оскільки не вдалося зібрати суму для придбання комп'ютерних столів, а меншу кількість неефективно купувати (бо будуть різні столи в класі), було прийнято рішення придбати посібники для виховної роботи у школах Бориспільщини.
Шановні друзі! За інформацією Оператора допомоги, збір коштів був зупинений. Детальна інформація розміщена у розділі "Документація". Дякуємо всім за довіру та підтримку!

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