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ATLANT-Ukraine: our best corporate gift


started 23.11.2015

Project is realized by
CF "Future Hearts"

This year the company ATLANT-Ukraine will congratulate our customers and partners with the New Year in unusual way. After all, none of you will receive the standard corporate gift with our logo! Instead of it, we will present the faith in better and warmth at heart, and 11-year-old boy Sergiy – even a new heart. 

Using the budget, provided on New Year corporate gifts, we decided to purchase the occluder to make the operation of a boy with a congenital heart defect. The boy's mother can't collect such amount of money alone because it is impossible for her. We sincerely thank all our customers and partners for the fact that you made an invaluable Christmas gift for Sergiy with us. Here we would like to write "He dreamt about it all year," but in fact, all his life.

We will send each of you a picture of Sergiy after his surgery having a healthy heart. After all, now it is "our boy" :)

Happy New Year!



Sergiy is 11 years old and his mom lived without knowing disappointing diagnosis boy. A birth defect of the heart - open arterial duct. Sergiy often suffered from bronchitis, pneumonia, with high temperatures. Was in the hospital, was taking many tests and passed inspection, and no doctor suspected of heart disease in boys. Until he himself began to complain of fatigue after a quick ride the bike and started to feel like he accelerated heart beats. Then my mother drove the boy to Kyiv in NISSH. Amos, where Sergiy learned about his diagnosis. Since he was already 11 years old, and this age of intensive growth of the baby bug will only increase that in the future may lead to heart failure. Sergey require emergency surgery to install intracardiac implant. Operation is free, but the price of cardiac implant (spiral), which is 37 000 UAH, for a family Pozharsky is unaffordable. Since Sergiy's father died when the boy was only 3 years old, my mother brings him alone and no one to help her.


Name: Sergiy V. Pozharsky, born 04.06.2004

Location: Odesa

Diagnosis: congenital heart defect – open arterial duct

Funded 37 000 UAH.
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Sum: 37000.00 UAH.
Date: 25.11.2015 10:15:42

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