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started 5.5.2016

Project is realized by
CO "AllUkrainian movement "Vzaemodiya"

Please visit the more than 20 works Darnytsa district of Kyiv PROJECT "BRIGHT YARD», which we colorful Paint porches of houses - and get a lot of smiles of our people. Indeed, because of the existence of hostilities in eastern Ukraine, where a person goes through everyday street of Kyiv, we observe or children playing war or gloomy people. So you need to give as much joy and faith in a better future every citizen.

In this project may take as teach residents of Kyiv, and the most "donors" and wants everyone who wants to change the capital of Ukraine. Once all be purchased necessary materials, professional artist puts residents preferred the layout at the entrance, and then together with the children, grandmothers, all interested colorable harmless colored paints picture. Thus, this project adds to his people who are willing to live in the best city will continue to keep their picture, come to him and enjoy memories coloring process.

The value of the project also lies in the fact that a child instead of incorrect inscriptions on the walls will observe a sense of positive colorful picture, especially if it also was included in the colorization process. Thus, in our country when it comes the time we need to change for a better future for our children. Let us help you create a better future for our children!

To create a "bright yard", you need very little - click on the green button "Support" and list as much as you are willing to pay for the charming smile of a child who will be full of new experiences, exchange among their friends new characters and fantastic scenes. And the heroes of these stories will each of us as artist.

We need to raise funds in the amount of 16 106 UAH to buy the materials which the help of which we will paint porches. Namely:

• Colorex 23 Pigment Red 100 ml. (pc. 30)
• Pigment Colorex 45 green 100 ml. (pc. 34)
• Colorex Pigment Yellow 13, 100 ml. (pc. 30)
• Colorex 90 Pigment Black 100 ml. (pc. 16)
• Pigment Colorex syniy100 52 ml. (pc. 30)
• Valyk Euro Green 25 cm + handles 48mm D 8mm (pcs. 8)
• set of brushes 3pc. (pc. 10)
• Set 5pcs brushes. (pc. 10)
• Water-dispersed facade Fassade Eco Amber 5 liters (pc. 14)
• Water-dispersed facade Fassade Eco Amber 10l (pc. 14)
• Soil Grund Eco Amber 10 liters (pc. 10)
• Violet 53 pigment Colorex 100 ml. (pc. 30)
• Colorex 12 Pigment Yellow 100 ml sunny. (pc. 10)

Thanks to your help we can change for the better and Kyiv joy residents and guests of the capital every day. A sincere thank you because thanks to you it can be done!

Funded 4 000 UAH.
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000 000 000 UAH

Супруненко О.І.

Sum: 3750.00 UAH.
Date: 26.08.2016 18:06:37



Sum: 45.00 UAH.
Date: 22.08.2016 21:19:04



Sum: 5.00 UAH.
Date: 22.06.2016 18:52:14


Сім'я Ралюк

Sum: 50.00 UAH.
Date: 26.05.2016 10:30:07


Ярмоленко Юлія

Sum: 100.00 UAH.
Date: 05.05.2016 17:23:20


Гладиш Лідія Сергіївна

Sum: 50.00 UAH.
Date: 05.05.2016 13:17:15

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Шановні друзі! Згідно із запитом від Оператора допомоги, сума проекту була зменшена. Лист розміщений у розділі "Документація". Дякуємо всім за довіру та підтримку!
Здравствуйте! А как узнать адреса, по которым будут раскрашены подъезды? И что будет в случае, если не наберётся необходимая сумма?

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