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Dreams under the pillow!


started 14.11.2016

Project is realized by
CF "Zaporuka"

Every year Center Dacha becomes home for almost 200 families with children who are treated at the Cancer Institute. Here kids get a rest from hospital walls, smell of medicines and feel like at their dacha where they can forget about their disease at least for some time. Here, at the Center children celebrate birthdays and all family holidays. Unfortunately, the disease doesn’t have a day off and it does not take a vacation for the Christmas holidays. However, every child is waiting for a miracle, waiting for St. Nicholas to find him or her even at the hospital and to put a favored gift under his or her pillow.

The budget of every family that is fighting against cancer is always exhausted, so usually there is no an item labeled “gifts” in it. Most parents have to count how many bottles of chemo they can buy instead of a gift their children dream of. But we can make their dreams come true! We can become St. Nicholas’ assistants and help to purchase tasty and useful gifts for kids from the Center Dacha and for all the patients of the Cancer Institute who will not be able to come to the celebration from the hospital.

Let’s put a dream under each pillow! 60 children will receive gifts.

Funded 21 197.68 UAH.
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Шановні Донори!

Суму проекту було зменшено до 18 197, 68 грн. за проханням Оператора Допомоги. Лист від Оператора Допомоги невдовзі з’явиться в рубриці "Документація".

Дякуємо всім за довіру і підтримку!

Вірте, ваша маленька допомога варта більше, ніж велике співчуття..