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Present to child a sweet New Year


started 16.11.2016

Project is realized by
ICF "Caritas Ukraine"

New Year's Night is about to come and it's time to think about presents. But it depends on you if 200 children, who are under care of charitable foundation foundation "Caritas Odessa UGCC", will find a gift from Santa Claus under the Christmas tree.

How much money do we usually spend to drink a cup of coffee with a friend, to have a dinner, to buy a movie ticket? 20, 50, 100 hryvnias? We suggest you to join the good initiative instead of these expences. A sweet gift for a child costs 65 hryvnias — someone considers it as a one way ride by taxi, another can't afford himself to spend such an amount.

Our children in ward are from families with difficult life circumstances, HIV-infected children, IDP-children and each of them is waiting for Christmas miracle. Let's create a holiday for them together!

For over 10 years Caritas Odessa organizes children's events devoted to the New Year, St. Nicholas Day, Children's Day, and started to run the long-term project "Child Development Center" from 2012. In 2015 year Caritas Odessa branched out the second children's center "Child friendly space", where every child feels safe and can be just a kid. Experienced teachers, social workers and psychologists work with children. The children visit museums, theaters, exhibitions, cinemas, play educational games engaged in art therapy, and learn foreign languages.

We appeal to all people to join our initiative, because during the New Year and Christmas holidays, most of our children will be deprived of this festive atmosphere and traditional gifts.

Funded 3 398.27 UAH.
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Робіть добро і ви будете щасливі.

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Date: 25.12.2016 18:08

На здоров'я!!!

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