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To save Nadia from a leucosis!


started 20.12.2016

Project is realized by
Charitable Fund "Hope for Life"

She already quite keeps indoors on a street, she is difficult to pass even a few meters on a small hospital chamber, a becoming bald head a girl hides under a shawl and whole days lies and cries.

Nadia got a cold recently. A temperature began to rise."Today I will not come to work, I'm in the hospital. I have pneumonia and I need some to heal", said girl in a message. And a few days later, she announced another diagnosis - acute leukemia. It is a blood cancer, when the hematopoietic system is not working properly, produces cells of the immune system, which affects the bone marrow, lymph nodes, spleen. Acute leukemia usually get sick in the childhood, years to six, but Nadia fell ill when he was already an adult.

Nadia Boyar is 28. Quite recently, three months that, all was quite differently: a beautiful, clever and successful girl worked as a Manager in chain of restaurants, actively helped the needy, met a boy, dreamed of own family and child.

At first, she was told that she would live two weeks. Cancer complicated with pneumonia, practically does not leave chances. Nadia had barely taken to the hospital. Treatment began with chemotherapy. This motion on a blade, on one side is harm to the health, on other is harm of illness. Antibiotics staggered internals, a mucous membrane took shelter wounds, toxic hepatitis began. Nadia became thin to 35 kilograms.

To master ourselves and find the strength to fight extremely difficult. In the most difficult moments Nadia was inspired by 6-year-old girl who joined the caring Ukrainians. Her name is Nastya Berestenko. She also said that she will not live long, the treatment was hard, but the girl did not give up. Among the thousands of people who helped the girl was Nadia Boyar. Nadia wrote to customers, spoke to guests about Anastasia and organized the gathering in the restaurant. Now Nadia needs our help.

Nadia is only daughter in a family. A mother had to quit her job. Nadia is supported by friends and colleagues. At work is continued to pay a salary for her. In spite of everything with her alongside there is a favorite fellow - Mikhail. He was not afraid of difficulties and believe that the sun for his beloved will never fade. Nadia will get better and will become the mother of their children. However, now it needs more than 500 000 UAH, which they themselves do not collect. It is the cost of the entire course of treatment!

Name: Boyar Nadia, 18.04.1988

City: Kyiv

Diagnosis: lymphoblastic leukemia

Total need 400 000 UAH.
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