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started 26.12.2016

Project is realized by
CF "Future Hearts"

The photo of the child with a heart defect will cause us to pity and rather desire to help, but because of the treatment of this child is that such a team of professionals who urgently need a device that will allow doctors to perform surgeries without cutting chest and x-ray activity for children and adults. This unit - one for the whole hospital. In the year he saves the lives of more than 400 children and adults.

The unit desperately needs to resume full work to undertake complex operations and annually save the lives of young and adult patients of Amosov institute, which come from all over Ukraine.

Recently, this device has blown the x-ray tube which allowed the doctors during surgery to see the direct projection of the heart and internal organs. And this gave the doctors a more complete picture of the state bodies to conduct a quality operation. Due to the fact that this tube does not work, have the second x-ray tube, which has not yet failed to stretch a double to the result of the operation was successful.

Now the unit operates in emergency mode at any moment due to this load can be completely broken... For a full-fledged resumption of the work of the office is vital the purchase of a new x-ray tube Megalix Cat, which costs more than UAH 1 million. This will allow the Department again to resume proper operation.

Annually in Ukraine there are about 5, 000 children with congenital heart defects, while a quarter of them in need of emergency surgical care in the first days of life. Now in Ukraine there are more than 60,000 children with these disorders. Department of endovascular treatment of congenital and structural heart defects is the leader in the number of performed x-ray operations in children and adults in Ukraine.

Our equipment and qualification of doctors can perform about 400 operations a year, as for the youngest patients and in the elderly patients, open surgery for them – too risky.

Now for help to you apply not only doctors of Amosov institute, but all the little patients.
Support our project and give life to the device, which in the future will save many thousand children's lives!

Total need 1 197 000 UAH.
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