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To breathe and live. Cost of freedom


started 27.12.2016

Project is realized by
СF "Open Palms"

It seems it is the first fund-raising for such a thing in Ukraine. This is about the oxygen device which can be carried on the shoulder. This is about a person, who cannot breathe by himself, but he should not be in the intensive care unit, he is not stuck to the socket at home. This is about a man who is seriously ill... but free. To breathe and to live. The price of freedom is UAH 70 000.

Igor was lucky to test such device during few summer days and thanks to this machine he attended his sister’s wedding and made a trip to the Carpathian Mountains. Then Igor wrote us a letter about how he almost got used to the constant choking, about his life tethered to a stationary oxygen system and to a wall socket, and about sudden getting of a portable device and going out without any choking.

"The weight of the device was about 5 kg, carrying it was uncomfortable and hard, but it was nothing in compare with the things you could do: finally you could go wherever you like – to the sea side or to the mountains, anywhere away from the home without a fear that you will feel yourself badly in a moment because of oxygen lowering... All these thanks to the salvatory oxygen device which is situated on hand and can help to breathe.

Only thanks to this machine I got to my sister's wedding, I could spend a fun time together with everyone, just occasionally turning on the machine ....

The reaction of the people makes me laugh. Usually they stair on me with their round eyes, sometimes they come to me and ask: "What is it?". After my reply they usually smile and wish to me to be healthy and then… then they just run away as fast as they can... :)) But this is nothing. With friends I use the concentrator easily. They know about my illness and treat with understanding. "

Now such a device is required for Igor not only for walks. Even the road from the home to the hospital in the days of disease exacerbation becomes a torment because of the lack of oxygen and bad lungs work. We found even better device than Igor had tested - it weighs only 2.9 kg, it won’t be difficult to carry it on the shoulder. And you can be not afraid of road to the hospital. And you can easily go for a walk with your friends, not just wait for them in the guests. And you can just live. Because you are just 19.


Name: Bezus Igor, 10.04.1997

City: Ivano-Frankivsk

Diagnosis: Cystic fibrosis with pancreatic insufficiency, severe combined

Total need 70 000 UAH.
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Майже 22 тисячі зібрано за 2 тижні і це майже неймовірно!!! ДЯКУМО!! Тим часом, в Ігоря сталася прикрість - забуксував звичайний стаціонарний киснвий концентратор, що працює лише від ризетки, тож мали терміново висилати хлопцю запасний "черговий" апарат, а його відправляти на сервіс. Якби ж у Ігоря ВЖЕ був оцей омріяний маленький апаратик ,він зміг би перебути ці дні на ньому.....
Ось тільки за вихідні дні нам з Ігорем допомогли 9 чарівників! ДЯКУЄМО за те, що ділитеся святковим настроєм і даруєте нам найцінніший свій дарунок - час, увагу, своє милосердя... з вами не страшно!
Вітаємо команду УББ та Донорів з наступаючими святами! Ваша підтримка дуже важлива! Всього найкращого у новому році! Нехай ваші добрі справи повертаються сторицею! З повагою БФ "Відкриті долоні".
Дякуємо за запуск проекту!



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