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started 28.12.2016

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CF "Pomogaem"

It is a habitual morning. You wake up, wash... You do not even suppose how happy you are! You do not even notice these simple joys of life. It is a dream for Irina, having woken up to get out of bed and take a few steps to the bathroom by herself, to wash at the sink, not in bed.

Three months ago her life completely changed since then she has been spending her life in bed. She is no longer able to work in her favorite team, there is no way to walk the streets, go for a jog in the park. When you are 33 years old, they say, some big changes are happening in your life. Yes, and they have come: fracture of the spine, complete loss of sensitivity below the waist. You have your legs, but they are not there.

Have you seen the film "1 + 1"? It is about friendship of a disabled person and his assistant. Here as well, Irina does not feel anything from her waist down ... It is nice that her hands are not injured. She is an optimist, a fighter who believes in the recovery. In contrast to the character in the film, Irina’s family can’t afford to organize the necessary rehabilitation on their own. But it is very important not to lose time now. It is very vital to be restored the first months after the injury. It is awful to lose time, it can’t be returned.

Irina is a very determined and strong person, she has learned to sit up in bed and clothe herself. We need funds for intensive training with specialists in rehabilitation center and for the purchase of a wheelchair.

At the age of 33, Irina has achieved a lot herself. In the difficult years of the 90s, when the family lost its reliance – Irina’s father dead, she started working and earned her first money when she was 13 years old. She helped her mother-pensioner, a teacher by profession.
Two operations are behind; medication is covered at our own expense. Now Irina needs rehabilitation as soon as possible. Rehabilitation course is of 3 months, but as we can’t waste a second - we ask for financial assistance for the course of 1 month.


Name: Orlovska Irina Stanislavovna, 27.08.1983

City: Kiev

Diagnosis: closed medullispinal trauma, violation of functions of pelvic organs. Closed craniocerebral trauma, concussion of the head brain

Funded 50 636.56 UAH.
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