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ATLANT-Ukraine, from heart to heart!

Cherkasy region

started 13.1.2017

Project is realized by
CF "Future Hearts"

According to statistics every year in Ukraine more than 5000 babies are born with heart disease. 5000 infants are born to defend their right to life.

Second year company ATLANT-Ukraine contributes its share - gives the child a new heart, and with it – a chance to enjoy a full and healthy life. In addition, we deliberately choose children who are particularly difficult to raise funds in full.

Therefore, we want to give sixteen-year-old girl – Vika, hope and faith in her dreams, her future and in human kindness. For Vika meaning of all-important things is in one simple word – heart. Money, transferred by the company will go for the purchase of the occluder, which is necessary to rescue life of this girl with congenital heart disease.

We thank all our customers and partners for productive year, which results allowed us to continue our charitable initiatives. Moreover, on our behalf, Vika and her courageous mother, who fought alone for her daughter, bring their gratitude. Now they are not alone.

Victoria's letter: "My name is Victoria Dirdira and I was born on June 22, 2000. I learned about the disease in November of this year, during the passage of the school medical examination. Before that I was dancing, but I had to refuse because I was suffocating and there was a constant weakness. This year, when I was sent for an ultrasound of the heart, the doctors said about my condition is patent ductus arteriosus 4 mm. At the Institute of Amosov (Kiev), my diagnosis was confirmed, but the ductus arteriosus is open not to 4 mm, but to 7 mm. So I need an urgent operation to install the implant. But we have no money to buy it".


Name: Viktoria Dyrdyra, 22.05.2000 

City: Cherkasy region

Diagnosis: open arterial duct 7 mm.

Funded 69 826 UAH.
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Sum: 69826.00 UAH.
Date: 17.01.2017 12:50:52

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