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started 2.3.2017

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Vadym Bogdanov is 3 years old, and he does not know yet about the law of large numbers, which was well described by Dale Carnegie. Dale suggests not to worry about those events, the probability of occurrence of which, according to statistics, is negligible. It's a pity that he did not have the opportunity to get acquainted with Vadym Bogdanov – the facts from child's life would have broken that theory down. Vadym was "chosen" by several unique cases at once, including a rare disease.

What would Carnegie say about fact that Vadym was born with a tooth (statistics – 1:5000)? And about the post-vaccine complications (about 1:10000)? And what about the diagnosis of ichthyosiform erythroderma (statistics, when it is not a congenital disease, is even less)? And completely “stunned" old Carnegie would be by the fact that of the 135 cases of this disease described in the world dermatology, 100% are congenital, there is no one acquired case. Vadik was born and grew up absolutely healthy boy up to age year and a half. Such an anticarnegie...

And some more numbers: from 3 years of his small life, Vadik has spent 210 days in hospitals, and all these 210 days were during last 600 days of his childhood… A year and a half after Mantoux's test, Vadik experienced a severe allergic reaction. A trip to the sea on the recommendation of a dermatologist only worsened Vadim's condition. Skin peeled off and got down in shreds, hair fell out… Vadym didn‘t get help in any of the Dnieper hospitals. In Kiev, the boy was done a biopsy, with its help he was diagnosed: ichthyosiform erythroderma.

In Ukraine, the treatment consists only in the use of hormones and heavy antibiotics of the «reserve» group (which are usually taken only to save a person's life) and in supportive care for the child's skin. The disease recurs regularly, and then Vadik, already thin, loses, even more, weight, suffers from pain, itching, weakness, stay behind in growth. The boy is all the tome „on hands“, he cannot walk for a long time: the skin does not perform its function of thermoregulation.

At the university clinic in Münster (Germany), there is a Department of Pediatric Dermatology. Its specialists have a positive experience of treating children with similar diseases. The Germans are confidently saying that they could bring Vadik to the light of a healthy childhood through comprehensive treatment. But they gave the bill in the amount of 58,000 euros. The lack of money deprives Vadik of this only chance. On the Ukrainian Philanthropic Marketplace, we are collecting part of the amount - 500 000 UAH. By joining forces, we can help the boy!


Name: Bogdanov Vadym, 27.10.2013

City: village Doroge, Dnipropetrovsk region

Diagnosis: ichthyosiform erythroderma

Funded 500 000 UAH.
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Добрый день! Средства, собранные для Вадика, уже отправлены в Клинику Мюнстера, клиника готовит документы для принятия ребенка. Пока Вадимчик в Украине, изучает глобус, готовится к поездке в Германию. )
Доброго вечора! Чи почалося вже лікування? Як почуває себе Вадик?
Operator of Help
Ранкова радість. Дуже люблю такі дні, коли заходиш на сторінку проекту, за який вболіваєш, а він зібраний! Щастя! Натхнення працювати далі. Дякуємо вам, люди! Миру і добра!
Дорогие наши, сердечное всем вам спасибо за нашего Вадика! Спасибо, что не оставляете наедине со сложностями, за дела ваши добрые, за слова поддержки, за всё-всё низкий вам родительский поклон!

Шановний аноніме!

Перерахувати благодійну допомогу можна за нашими банківськими реквізитами. Обов'язково вказуйте у призначені платежу назву проекту: благ допомога на проект "Допоможіть перемогти закон великих чисел!".

Рахунок УББ у банку Кредит Дніпро: (у разі оплати готівкою через касу банку "Кредит Дніпро" комісія не стягується) Отримувач: МБФ "Українська Біржа Благодійності", ЄДРПОУ 38005762, Банк Кредит Дніпро МФО 305749, р/р 2600630669802, Призначення: благ допомога на проект "Допоможіть перемогти закон великих чисел!".

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Якщо у вас виникають будь-які запитання щодо перерахування коштів або ви з яких-небудь причин не бачите свій внесок у списку Донорів проекту, будь ласка, пишіть нам на Ми завжди дуже раді допомогти по всіх технічних питаннях.

Дякуємо за довіру та підтримку!

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