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Help Denys overcome cerebral palsy. 4

Lviv region

started 23.3.2017

Project is realized by
CF "Archangel Michael"

Our son is almost 3 years old. We were looking forward to his birth and could not even imagine what awaits us. Childbirth was very hard to his mother. Denys didn't scream, didn't breathe, only his heart beaten. 2 weeks he spent in intensive care, the doctors said to wait and pray and God heard our prayers. Then started regular check-UPS, treatment. We believe that this will pass, but as the months passed, other kids have kept the head, sat, crawled, took his first steps, and our Denys didn't.

It's hard to see how he wants to take the toy out of his little hands, and can't. Then we developed, doctors recommend every 2-3 months to repeat rehabilitation. And we give everything for our son to become stronger. And every time we come home with new achievements.

Our treatment began with the Western Ukrainian children specialized medical center, Lviv, where we did the 4 course of treatment in the neurological Department. The result was our Denys was could keep the head and back. In August we were able to pay for the rehabilitation course in the Elite center, and our son started to roll over. Our joy was boundless, we were happy, and he rejoiced with us.

With the help of relatives and friends in November, we received treatment at a rehabilitation center Martyniuk in Kiev, and our son came back with new accomplishments – started to take steps with support more confident, he had a few seconds of sitting, more interested in toys, became smarter.

In Ukraine, almost 20 thousand families live in a daily struggle with this disease. And each of those families looking for a place where their children will put on their feet and have a fulfilling life. And I am also like all those mothers, looking for this place. I often hear about the Koziavkin International clinic of rehabilitation in Truskavets. His method is known as one of the four most efficient in the world. Rehabilitation for 20 years has been more than 35 thousand young patients. And children who couldn't walk before can run after this rehabilitation. The Kozyavkin method works on the principle of design and combines basic rehabilitation, apitherapy, massage and spinal correction, treatment with light, flowers, and animals.

And we hope that, maybe, this is the place that will give our child a happy life. Treatment in this center is not cheap, our savings are exhausted, and today for our family this sum is very heavy. And so we knock at your door and believe that you will respond and give hope for a happy life little child... And finally, he will hug us with their little hands and say their first words: mom and dad...

Earlier on UBB, we have collected money for the treatment of Denys. To see previous projects you can use the link. Denys had a positive dynamics in the treatment, and the parents do not have money. Therefore, the fundraising to pay for the treatment we need to collect again.


Name: Denys Kaminskyi, born 19.02.2014

City: Chervonohrad, Lviv region

Diagnosis: cerebral palsy, spastic tetraparesis rough with hyperkinetic syndrome, violation Gross Motor Function 4 level, affective and precipitating seizures in history

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