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The first step for Victoria. 4

Donetsk region

started 7.4.2017

Project is realized by
CF "Archangel Michael"

Vika was born in the 27th week of pregnancy with a weight of 1200 grams and increasing to 40 cm. The girl was immediately transferred to the intensive care unit because she could not breathe on his own. Donetsk doctors said that the girl won't live. The child's body didn't take food, forget how to breathe. On the sixth day, the doctor said to prepare for the worst, but Victoria has survived despite all the dire predictions. When she was 11 months, she had a final diagnosis: cerebral palsy, spastic tetraparesis, syndrome Dandy-Walker.

Then began the endless treatment in Donetsk center of Professor Evtushenko, but it did not give any results. The girl could not sit, crawling on her bellies, eating and drinking from a bottle and almost always lying. In January and July of 2013, she had two surgeries by the Ulzibat method, which gave a huge boost to her physical development. After surgery Victoria visited the rehabilitation center in Novoazovsk city and then began the successes. After each traversed rehabilitation were positive results in both the mental and physical development. The treatment took place in Donetsk, Donetsk region, Chernigov, and Tryskavets.

Now she knows how to sit, crawl, stand near the pillar, to drink from a cup, walk with a walker. All this was given with great difficulty. Doctors say that Vika is a strong looking girl, and she has all chances to become a healthy child, she will walk, talk, run, but it requires constant rehabilitation.

It is the third time we appeal to all who are not indifferent to children's distress, to children's tears. Please help to undergo treatment in the Center of brain stimulation in Kiev. Treatment helps Vika, but it is expensive, and without good people, the family cannot cope the money. Everyone can help: your 10-20 hryvnia will bring a small wick to the cherished dream – to walk alone!

Before on UBB we have collected money for Victoria. To see previous projects you can use the link.


Name: Viktoria Iziumchenko, 22.05.2007 

Location: Kostiantynivka, Donetsk region

Diagnosis: cerebral palsy, spastic tetraparesis, Dandy-Walker syndrome

Funded 35 600 UAH.
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Друзья, мы тронуты до глубины души, что в такое тяжелое время в нашей стране и нашем городе так много милосердных людей! Спасибо огромное всем-всем! Мы от души благодарим дружный коллектив Украинской Биржи Благотворительности за то, что не оставили наедине Вику и ее мужественную семью со своей бедой, которые оказав помощь в сборе средств, дали возможность лечить и малышку! Чередниченко Виктория
Шановні донори, оскільки збір коштів на проект завершено, то усі кошти, що надійшли понад необхідну суму будуть зараховані в Скарбничку категорії "ЗДОРОВ'Я". В разі бажання просимо Вас повідомити нас протягом 14 днів з дати активації вашого платежу на який інший будь-який Проект перенаправити кошти, надіславши відповідь на та вказавши деталі вашого платежу. У випадку неотримання повідомлення, кошти залишаться в Скарбничці категорії "Здоров'я" і у нас з’явиться можливість врятувати ще чиєсь життя чи придбати необхідне медичне обладнання. Дякуємо Вам за підтримку!

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