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6-year-old Alina's Marathon. 2017

Vinnytsia region

started 11.4.2017

Project is realized by
CF "Svichado"

Here already passed the new year holidays, which bring to our home good and faith in a fairy tale! Especially these holidays expecting babies! Our daughter Alina is also expected to come in the New year and all wishes come true like in a fairy tale! She wished that the morning after the New year, waking up, she will run to the Christmas tree with gifts, on her feet. Only this desire it is necessary, not one-year rehabilitation...

It all happened unexpectedly: on 28 weeks of pregnancy I went into preterm labor and had a little Alinka! With the first day of life, she fights for her full life!

This year Alina went to the second class, she has many friends at school, she playing with them at recess, talking! For a while, when she began to go to school, the girl has changed: it has become an open, cheerful, self-confident. In education it's all good – Alina reads, writes, solves. Her favorite subject is math, the multiplication table at school just started to learn, and Alina has already learned to multiply by 5. The teachers are very pleased with the girl.

On New Year's party in school Alina was a snowflake, she told rhyme, singing songs, and just could not dance and sat on a chair. It is very difficult at such moments, hen all the children stood up and went to the dance, and your child sits alone among empty chairs...

So we are asking everybody to help us to achieve the goal, to help us. Currently, the treatment is very expensive, we just can't do it without your help. We are very grateful to all who have already helped us, and ask God to reward you for your kindness!


Name: Kovalevska Alina, 21.05.2008

City: Haiove village, Vinnytsia region

Diagnosis: cerebral palsy, spastic diplegia, delay of motor development

Funded 19 530 UAH.
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