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Feed a child from shelter. June


started 12.4.2017

Project is realized by
CO "Home of Happy Children"

42,85 UAH cost per day a full-fledged breakfast, a lunch and a dinner for one child of the Center for the help "The Home of happy children" where there live orphans, children "with the street", the children who endured the tragedy. They get to the Center physically weakened, with various chronic diseases and with psychological injuries.

42,85 UAH is the most that your contribution which you can make to provide one of the wards with tasty and nutritious soup, porridge or cookies. Good nutrition is extremely important for rescue and rehabilitation of such kid. We collect the sum which will be enough for us to provide with food of children of the Center for a month.

Benefactors of UBB are the only ones who provide food assistance to children from the Center "Home of Happy Children". This is the twenty-second project on fundraising on food for children of the Center. We are glad to report that thanks to your support more than 950 000 UAH were already collected. These means helped us to provide full, and, above all – tasty breakfasts, lunches, and dinners for children that helps children grow strong and healthy. For today at our children, the only philanthropists who provide food are kind people who help us through the Ukrainian Philanthropic Marketplace. And in these unlucky days for Ukraine, we don't even count on other help. Children can't wait and have to grow healthy right now. For this reason, we so hope that together with you, we will help our children again – we will raise funds and we will feed them with tasty and healthy food!

Сenter "Home of happy children" helps unfortunate children since 2007. Such children find a shelter and protection against alcoholic parents, parents addicts in the Center. These are children who worried too much – violence, hunger, they were thrown by own mother and the father, at someone from them relatives died and they simply have nobody to care about them.

In the Center of children provide necessary things – clothes, food, medical care. A task of the Center – to help children to return to normal life, to get stronger spiritually and physically. Good food – a basis of recovery for children: almost all children of the Center never ate fully and they are pleased by any food.

Now again we collect the sum which will be enough for us to buy food for children of the Center for a month. Even your smallest help is already a bowl of soup for one of our kids!

Funded 35 000 UAH.
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