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started 5.5.2017

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Life is a sequence of victories and defeats, which is known not by hearsay to the twenty-nine-years-old Sergei. After all, his life was divided so many times into "before" and "after": a war that literally tore up the native and beloved Lugansk city, an attempt to start life from scratch in Kiev, a fateful meeting with his beloved wife, overwhelmed with unbelievable joy by news of soon becoming a father, and then, like a bolt from the blue, death of very close people who stayed in Lugansk – his mom and nine days later his grandmother...

Of course, this is life! We are all racing day after day in an endless stream of events, trying to keep the balance and stay afloat, except that Sergei has another extremely sad circumstance that stretches from the past and at any moment is ready to put an end to his happy future! After the pneumonia, a complication occurred on Sergei's heart and one of the heart valves stopped working as it should, so in 2010, in order to save the young man, a tricuspid valve plastics was performed at the Amosov Institute, after which, Sergei was given the 2nd disability group for a year and was reassured that after rehabilitation the disability will be removed and he will be able to return to his usual life. But, something went wrong!

His condition was not in a hurry to improve, but even become worse... A year later the young man was given the 3rd disability group, and then, on the second re-commission, they returned again the 2nd, as his condition began to deteriorate rapidly and the doctors unanimously insisted on an immediate reoperation. The death of dear people to Sergei completely undermined his health - weakened immunity, endless dizziness which sometimes led to fainting, severe shortness of breath and a heart popping out of his chest, even under insignificant exertions, in a matter of days brought the young man to a hospital under droppers, where doctors told him that If he plans to continue living, then there is no more time for meditation, the operation needs to be to immediately performed to save the heart! And Sergei wants to live! Now, perhaps, more so than never before! After all, next to him is a kind and loving wife, and soon a baby will arrive - the meaning and happiness of their entire life!

Now the young couple has directed all their energy to find the money necessary for the operation. But Sergei's condition deteriorates faster than the needed amount is going to be collected. And being at this point of no return, driven into a corner of despair and hopelessness, they deceded to ask for help! Sergei's Father, having a pension of a miner with 36 years of experience, is absolutely unable to help his son financially. Sergei, since he moved to Kiev, has been working in the center of rehabilitation and psychological help, where his friend helped him to get a job as a volunteer.

"The center is engaged in psychotherapy, psychology, rehabilitation of alcohol, drug and com-putter games addicts, food dependent people and psychological help to ATO soldiers. Volunteering gave me a lot of experience in psychologists, in understanding people, and how important is support and help in difficult times. When I was helping people who I had to work with, I understood that my problem is big, but there are those who has even worse problems. I felt needed with these people. And when my work brought the result - I understood that we (the organization) are doing a really big deal", says Sergei.

To save this young man with a big heart, overflowing with kindness and sincerity, saving and supporting many desperate people, it is necessary to collect 78,000 UAH! Please, let's help Sergei continue to bring good and support to our imperfect world! We will support him the same way as he has supported those who have been on the verge of despair for the last few years! We will help the newly born child learn the unique feeling of a loving, full-fledged family! Let's give Sergei a chance to raise the same bright and kind person like himself!


Name: Levin Sergei, 16.12.1987

City: Luhansk

Diagnosis: insufficiency of the tricuspid valve, pronounced dilatation of the right heart, right sided hydrothorax due to heart failure, cardiogenic congestive changes in the liver

Funded 45 561 UAH.
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Хочу от всей души поблагодарить всех тех, кто не остаётся равнодушным к ситуации, в которой оказался я и моя молодая семья. Трудно подобрать слова, чтобы выразить все то, что на душе и в сердце. Скажу одно - храни вас Господь!! С каждым днём благодаря Вашей поддержке , надежды и Веры в то, что все будет хорошо, становится больше! Спасибо! Сергей Левин
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