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started 12.5.2017

Project is realized by
International Charity Fund "Sunshine"

For over 15 years Sunshine’s Charity Fund organizing summer camps for 200 children at risk from Brovary district. Among these 200 children are orphans, children from poor, foster or dysfunctional families and families with more than 3 children. Within this number are children from the Brovary district orphanages and other at-risk children from the Brovary region. For most children the summer camp is the only one opportunity to forget all the difficulties in their life, negative experience and pain. Children can receive physical and emotional recovery, to find new friends at the camp.

Since 2001, we has been organizing summer camps for at-risk children. During this time, more than 1,500 children between 6 and 18 years old have received emotional, psychological, and physical support.

At summer camp, the children have opportunities to form athletic, work, and life skills, and to develop their artistic, acting, and dancing talents.

Our summer camp uses Pedagogy of Adventure, which helps children to overcome previous negative, traumatic experiences through new, positive experiences. Pedagogy of Adventure empowers camp participants with a feeling of dignity, develops self-sufficiency, teaches teamwork, and helps children analyze and predict the results of their actions.
In terms of Pedagogy of Adventure, the following activities are held at camp: rafting, tent building, fire making, hiking, fishing, swimming, and trail navigation.

The camp will be conducted in a Native American style for the third time. All the territory of the camp will look like an Indian village with Indian-like settlements, tribes, tipis and activities. Our experience has shown that children respond well to the Indian theme of the camp very much. Moreover, the atmosphere of Indian settlement helps children to escape from everyday life, to be more open and communicative. They feel themselves as a true Indians that are strong and powerful. All these changes have a positive influence on children’s self-esteem.

The camp 2017 will be traditionally held at Lubichiv Island, the biggest river island in Ukraine. The First Phase of Sunshine Camp (first group of children ages 6-12), July 3-10. The Second Phase of Sunshine Camp (second group of children ages 12-18), July 14-21.

We need to purchase the important equipment for camp realization such as tents and toilets. We really need your support!

Together we can give an unforgettable summer for 200 children who really need it!

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Шановні друзі! За інформацією Оператора допомоги, заплановану суму не вдалося зібрати і збір був зупинений. Дякуємо всім за довіру та підтримку!
Завдяки вашій допомозі на частково зібрані кошти ми придбали дві необхідні нові палатки для дітей у таборі. Тепер їм буде зручно і комфортно спати! Дякуємо вам!
Ми частково зняли кошти, які наразі вдалося зібрати і купили біотуалет для літнього табору! дякуємо вам!
Шановні друзі! За інформацією Оператора допомоги, у звязку із залучення коштів з додаткових джерел, сума проекту була зменшена. Дякуємо всім за довіру та підтримку!
Шановні друзі! За інформацією Оператора допомоги, модель біотуалету, яка була зазначена у проекті не підходить, тому сума проекту була збільшена. Дякуємо всім за довіру та підтримку!



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