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started 26.5.2017

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CF "Archangel Michael"

In the 28th week of pregnancy Natalia started bleeding, she was peeled off of the placenta. By cesarean section, she gave birth to twins: a boy and long-awaited girl. Then saved and the mother and her children. The first boy was born with a weight of 1.55 kg and an increase of 41 see He wasn't breathing, I was connected to a ventilator. The second was a girl with a weight of 1.23 kg and a growth of 38 cm Two and a half months they were in OPN daily drip, the procedure associated with intrauterine infection.

A boy had cysts of the cerebrum, hemorrhages, and hydrocephalus. When children collected necessary weight, they were written home. Children were a very problem and capricious. They cried day and night. Illia bent constantly. Veronika did not fall at night, was compressed and constrained. In five months they got in a hospital with bronchitis. Right here parents dumbfounded a diagnosis: spastic tetraparesis, cerebral palsy. From six months IIlia became invalid, Veronika in a year.

Mom asked the doctors: "What can we do?". They answered her that her children – plants. "What you want to do. It is a diagnosis for life". One doctor told she that there is a center in Truskavets who deals with such children. When the children were 3 years old, the family gathered money and went to Truskavets. The result struck to the core. If the daughter had not known that she has her legs... then now she began to feel them and try them again. IIlia more confident and began to hold his head and roll over.

Dad just couldn't stand, started drinking and eventually left the family. Now the parents divorced, there is any physical, moral, or financial assistance from the father. A single mom Natalia herself raising five children, four of whom are minors. The doctors at the center Kozijavkin said that there are all chances to put children on feet, but they need to go to them three or four times a year. But for mom this is an exorbitant amount, the family could barely make ends meet. Mom has exhausted all resources for her children traveled and worked. They are very promising, mentally developed for their age, that's just the propulsion apparatus fails. They really want to learn how to walk, dance and run.

At the moment the children went through six courses of intensive neurophysiological rehabilitation in the International Clinic of Rehabilitation in Truskavets. IIlia decreased muscle tone, he has stopped flowing drool, he first was on all fours, trying to crawl. Mentally the boy became thoughtful, questions answers suggestions, well remember verses. He very much wants to learn to dance like his older brother. Veronika started to jump a frog, her improved motor skills, the girl is more confident standing on his knees, became more active, use good judgment. She also talks proposals.

Mom says: "After everything I had hope and confidence that my children will run, jump and enjoy life. I know that the world is not without kind people! Pray and ask for your help my dear children, who have suffered so much! We passed a lot of trials and obstacles of life, we cannot rest on our laurels, we need to move forward! We have a goal in life! All hope remained only on You and on the Lord God! Very hope for Your help and understanding!".


Name: Shamrai Veronika and IIlia, 09.06.2011

City: Zaporizhia

Diagnosis: cerebral palsy, spastic tetraplegia


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