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Artur is fighting with blood cancer


started 14.6.2017

Project is realized by
CO "I am Mom"

Artur Chemerys is 10 years old. He from Zhytomyr and he have a terrible disease – terebrant myeloblastic leukemia with complex karyotype and complications in the form of multifocal invasive pulmonary mycosis and primary chronic hepatitis G. Smart, inquisitive, good boy Arthur fights the disease. Now he and his mother are in Zhytomyr Regional Children's Hospital, stationary oncohematology department because the child's condition is heavy.

In order to defeat this terrible disease, it's urgently needed to do a bone-marrow transplantation from a non-cognate kinship donor. No other way. Moreover, unfortunately, such surgeries are not conducted in Ukraine. Specialized clinic in Poland, Byhdosch, agreed to conduct the surgery for Arthur and has already found a donor for transplantation. But in order this wonderful child to live, the sum is 111 771 euros. It is beyond parent's strengths to find this large sum of money. They want above all their child to recover and lived.

Artur is a real fighter. He bravely endures all procedures - injections, four intensive chemotherapies and all the painful consequences of treatment. Kind, calm and balanced Arthur is very similar to his parents. He agrees to go along with them in this difficult struggle with a terrible disease. Are they scared? Yes, terribly. But the family does its best to cope with the disease. We can lend our shoulder, do not stand aside and to help, to do everything possible to save the life of a 10-year-old child. He has a lifetime ahead! Friends, let's help!

"What we are trying to do may seem like a drop in the ocean, but the ocean without that drop would be much less".


Name: Chemerys Artur, 20.03.2006

City: Zhytomyr

Diagnosis: Acute Myeloblastic Leukemia

Total need 300 000 UAH.
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Спаси Господи Артура!

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