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To go to school with his own legs! 2


started 5.7.2017

Project is realized by
CF "Zaporuka"

Little Roman is very kind and sensitive boy who unfortunately knows what pain is. He feels pain because of injections and surgeries, he feels pain because he wants to run with his peers but he cannot do it being in a wheelchair. Little Roman has good chances to recover and to go to school with his own legs. To achieve it he needs an endoprosthesis installed. The government doesn’t provide anything, so this responsibility rests upon the shoulders of ill children’s families. In the Churayev family, the father works but his salary is not enough.

In the eyes of parents, there is anxiety and pleading to help as well as a fear that they won’t have money in time and their son risks of losing his leg.

Little Roman fell ill in winter of 2015. The parents brought him to the local hospital. After the examination, he was sent to the Cancer Institute for a consultation. There the diagnosis of osteosarcoma was made and a treatment protocol was prescribed. Little Roman completed all the cycles of chemotherapy, then he was operated on and an affected bone was replaced by a bone spacer. Two years ago we raised money to buy chemotherapy for this boy (you can see the previous project here). The treatment was successful, cancer has retreated! Now an endoprosthesis has to be installed. We can help little Roman to start walking with his own legs again!


Name: Roman Churaiev, 07.08.2008

City: Chernivtsi

Diagnosis: osteosarcoma

Funded 37 450 UAH.
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