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Heroes must live!

Cherkasy region

started 5.7.2017

Project is realized by
ICF "Everybody Сan"

During 30 years of work in State Emergency Service, he saved a lot of people. He always was one of the first in the most critical situations and hottest places. He is awarded the Medal "For Courage in the emergency situation". He is a Hero!
And his son was raised as a real man. From the first days, Andriy was protecting out Motherland in ATO, got 6 rewards.
At the end of last month, son went through hell and returned back home. Now father's turn came.

Starting from February Petro Volodymyrovych is going through own hell - he is fighting with acute lymphoblastic leukemia (blood cancer) in the oncological hospital in Cherkassy. He passed through 3 courses of chemotherapy and several blood transfusions. Doctors say there are positive changes but battle has just started. Now the 4th course of chemotherapy is taking place. The man is courageous, but family income is law, and cost of treatment is extremely high.

Charitable Foundation "Everybody Can" is starting public raising of funds for medication for fourth high-dose chemotherapy. The cost of medication for this course is 81 813 UAH.

Let's save life of saver together! Heroes should live!


Name: Ilchenko Petro, 12.06.1960

City: Vatutine village, Cherkasy region

Diagnosis: acute B-lymphoblastic leukemia

Total need 81 813 UAH.
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Низький уклін усім, хто допомогає рятувати Героя! Врятуємо його і самі врятовані будемо!
Герою,ти будеш жити, ти мусиш жити,твоя місія на Землі ще не завершена!!!!!!
Добрый день. Спасибо всем, кто помогает нашей семье, а именно моему мужу справиться с болезнью. Без Вашей помощи мы не справимся. Только вера и поддержка всех Вас дает нам силу противостоять этой страшной болезни. Огромное всем спасибо. Пусть Вас и Ваши семьи обходит стороной беда!
Большое спасибо всем, кто не проходит мимо беды! В наших силах спасти этого мужественного человека. Помогите Петру выжить! Спасем спасателя и сами спасенными будем! Команда БФ "Кожен Може"

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