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Parents ask for help Makaru!

Kryvyi Rih

started 11.7.2017

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"Makar is a long-awaited child. He was born on June 26, 2013, in a maternity hospital in Kryvyi Rih. Pregnancy passed perfectly, nothing caused concern, but at 40 weeks, the contractions, the hospital, stimulation. And here's the long-awaited appearance of my son, but he was born blue, with one shroud on his neck and did not scream.

He was taken to intensive care, and after 12 hours to resuscitation with the first convulsions. Then they found out that there were pneumonia and cerebral edema, and the terrible conclusion of ultrasound - subcortical leukomalacia, small cyst, and expansion of the ventricles of the brain 7 times.

And finally we were at home. During discharge from the hospital doctors said :"Time will show. Wait." We could not imagine what was waiting for us... After the discharge we went to the neurologist from maternity home for examination. Her words just killed me: "You know that your child is a completely disabled person, you can safely leave him in an orphanage and give birth to the next child." How can a specialist say such words? And we started our struggle, we started looking for good specialists and knocking at all the doors - in Dnipropetrovsk and Kiev.

Every 4 months we undergo a medical treatment course. Doctors praise Makar, in their words, he is promising - these are the first good and joyful words for our family. Step by step we go to the intended purpose. I believe and hope that everything will be fine. I want my son to be healthy and I'm making every effort to help him. The results of the work show very good progress. Every step forward and every little Makar's achievement for us, his family, is great happiness and victory.

Makar suffered many trials and pains in his life. But he has a chance for a healthy and happy future. Our family is asking for help from not indifferent people. We really need your support".


Name: Satanovskyi Makar, 26.06.2013 

City: Kryvyi Rih

Diagnosis: cerebral palsy, spasmodic tetraplegia, microcephaly, retardation of state kinetic and psycho-speech development

Funded 38 000 UAH.
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Дякую велике. Початок покладено!!!!
Дорогие наши друзья!!! Мы верим в Вашу поодержку!!! Я мама Макарчика и благодарна любой Вашей помощи!!!!!

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